Wedding Rules Meant To Be Broken By Bridget Mora

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Weddings are laden with customs and traditions, many of which are quite meaningful and special. That does not mean, however, that every bride is obligated to follow each and every rule about the customary or “right” way to do things. These are some wedding rules which you can feel free to break with abandon...The White Wedding Gown. If only Queen Victoria could have foreseen what she started when she chose to wear a white bridal gown (which by the way, was a break with royal wedding tradition at the time!). Before then, brides wore whatever color dress they preferred, and truly, there is no reason why a bride today cannot do the same. For the record: wearing a non-white wedding gown does not mean that the bride is not “pure”, any more than wearing a white gown is proof that she is (which frankly, most brides and grooms aren't). If the bride is a traditionalist, then by all means, a white bridal gown would be lovely, but every bride should have the right to wear the wedding dress that makes her feel the most fabulous – no matter what color it is!Father Of The Bride Pays For The Wedding. Fathers of the bride, you can breathe a sigh of relief! While it was a long held custom that the father of the bride was responsible for virtually all of the wedding costs (excluding the bridal bouquet, wedding rings, rehearsal dinner, and honeymoon), these days, expenses tend to get spread around more equitably. Many couples contribute to the wedding costs or pay for the entire event themselves, especially if they are older with established careers. The family of the groom is also likely to become more involved than in the past, perhaps picking up the tab for the florist, the photographer, or the band. The wedding costs should be divided up based on willingness and ability to pay, not on the old custom.Same-Sex Attendants. There was a time when it was unheard of to have men and women mingle in the bride and groom's groups of attendants. While most couples will still divide up their attendants along gender lines, there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a male honor attendant on the bride's side or a female on on the groom's side. What matters is having the people who you love the most by your side. To answer the next question, the men on the bride's side wear whatever the other men in the wedding party wear and the ladies on the groom's side can match the bridesmaids or wear something complementary.No Sparkle Before Sundown. Once upon a time, it was considered “vulgar” for a lady to wear sparkly jewelry like diamonds or crystals during daytime hours. That old rule is completely outdated (no matter what your grandmother may tell you!), and brides today can indulge in Swarovski crystal earrings, necklaces, and bracelets at any time of the day. It is still true, however, that daytime jewelry tends to be a bit more modest than evening jewelry, so for an 11am wedding, you would select a more dainty pair of Swarovski crystal earrings than the big chandeliers that would be spectacular for a 4pm or 6pm wedding.Of course, every bride should be considerate of the feelings of others when planning her wedding. If you decide to break with old traditions, be sure to forewarn older or more conservative relatives so they have time to adjust to the idea of a red wedding gown or a male honor attendant before the wedding day. That way, you can have a wedding that showcases your own taste and personality without ruffling any feathers.

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