Hoodie is a very young and casual existence

However, there is a problem, Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie really is a symbol of evil it?

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Hoodie is a very young and casual existence. Each brand will launch hoodie style, this casual clothes rather by age, wear it seems always in adolescence.

But few know the history of the black hoodie - and it was a crime, the concept of the invisible man, sneaky sort of together, Cheap Mermaid Prom Dresses even hip-hop culture into the context of this expression is uninhibited. But this is the result after many "whiten" the.

In the United States, there is a famous hoodie events have been involved in the disregard for human life.

February 26, 2012, 17-year-old African-American boy Trayvon Martin dead. That night, he was wearing a gray hoodie, in the store to buy a bag of candy and a bottle of iced tea, ready to visit his father. Sanford Community defense captain George Zimmerman thought he was acting suspiciously, followed up, two people quarrel, Trayvon Martin was shot dead. George Zimmerman excuse, he just felt this person was wearing hoodies look like criminals, firing in self-defense, and ultimately not subject to legal sanctions.

Trayvon Martin killed in a few weeks, the hoodie has become a symbol of protest against unfair High Low Prom Dresses treatment, millions of people spontaneously held hoodie march, members of Congress and NBA stars and musicians also joined. Red Hot Chili Peppers in Florida protest, wearing hoodie that says "Ode To Trayvon, Stand What Ground".

At the same time this happened, many people are concerned about moral revolt hoodie. FOX News commentator Geraldo Rivera reminded blacks and Hispanics do not wear hoodies streets, from accidental injury. However, there is a problem, Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie really is a symbol of evil it? Meaning This www.cheappromdresses2016.us.com poor youth is come from?

Forward, hoodies can be traced back to the Middle Ages Catholics wearing a headscarf monks have clothes, this dress is very long, usually just play some decorative scarf in a fixed ritual.

English speaking from the root, the word hoodie (HOODIE) from HOD, meaning there is mortar bucket, go down a bit deeper speaking workers. This is indeed true, hoodie invention is indicated to do menial workers wear. Indeed, the hoodie in the modern sense was first sent to the welfare of workers by American sportswear company Champion Products.

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