A round of financing is only "small target", FMC hopes to become China's Tesla

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Goodbye Dai Lei, he said to us the first sentence on the self-deprecating: "is not a lot of white hair?" Indeed, and previously in the traditional manufacturing car company is different from the entire mental state of Dai Lei is different: look richer, The speed is faster, which is the same as most entrepreneurs. Because of the rapid development of the market tide, as the start-up electric car company FMC (Future Mobility Corporation) president and co-founder, Dai Lei problems facing each day is bound to countless, and mentality changes, naturally let him From inside to outside are changing. And time to race, perhaps the current normal Dai Lei.

Into the second half of 2017 after the race, the entire car ring is also officially declared into the accelerated state of running. In particular, some new Internet repairer business, the recent action is frequent.

In early August, the low-key FMC announced a total of 200 million US dollars a round of financing, investors from Jiangsu's industrial funds, members, including Suning, rich and a state-owned enterprises. And this money, the future will also be used mainly for FMC product research and development plate.

"Foxconn and Tencent are not our Crankshaft shareholders, but the harmonious car is the past few months, we have been and many potential investors to communicate.But because the two or three years of new energy vehicle market environment is not the same, more mature business, investment People have a better understanding of the industry, and some companies have encountered some difficulties, so investors will be more interested in considering which company is more capable. "Dai Lei revealed.

But fortunately, in the new energy vehicle policy adjustment, individual new car companies into the financial difficulties of the industry background, FMC has received the Jiangsu provincial government and investors of the pro-Lai, which can be considered to bring a rare industry Positive signal. But on the other hand, A round of financing is only a small step forward for FMC, for Dai Lei and his team, how to speed up product landing, the establishment of supplier system, establish a brand and consumer market status, will be the next To one by one to overcome the points.

The first product was launched in 2019

Over the past year, FMC despite a very low profile but in product development have a lot of gains. According to reports, FMC's entire product platform, product design, product technology and accessories, etc., are currently in Munich base has been basically completed. The first production car will be locked for the domestic market share of the largest luxury medium SUV, the electric car with a high mileage of up to 500 km mileage, the target price range of 30-40 million yuan, models, and Audi Q5, BMW X3 and other products Same level.

"Our product positioning is a luxury car, but may not be the traditional sense of luxury cars, but in product quality, BMW and Audi as the benchmark for the luxury car concept.While our product positioning is global, will be synchronized in China , The United States and Europe launched. "According to Dai Lei revealed that FMC is only the company name (Chinese name is knowledge and order), and the name of the car brand will be the fastest launch in September, when announced together also includes the core positioning and product interior design Wait.

In January next year, the North American CES, FMC will be able to drive the concept car for the official appearance, the car will be very close to the production car, plans to officially listed in the fourth quarter of 2019. In the first SUV launch, FMC will also launch a car and a 7 MPV.

Of course, as with the product in the accelerated advance, also includes FMC's production base. Also in September this year, FMC's Nanjing factory will be officially started. The total investment of this plant is about 11 billion yuan, planning annual capacity of 300,000 units, a project will be completed in 2019. And the project has been listed as one of the three key projects in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, the government received a high degree of attention and support. Because of this, FMC also decided to set up the company headquarters and R & D center in Nanjing, open a new journey.

Core Competence is the user experience

Recently, the news that, in response to changes in the market environment and policy environment considerations, including coilovers singular cars, cars and homes, Weimar cars, Ai Chi billion, Red Star cars and other newly created car companies, to be established before the end of September Union , To create a common R & D and procurement of electric vehicle platform. Although Dai Lei believes that the new car prices are consistent, the development model can not rest on its laurels, the industry alliance should also be open and cooperative attitude, but companies must also understand their core competitiveness and unique advantages where. After all, although Chinese consumers are willing to accept new things, but the product must be differentiated and competitive in order to consumers have to buy the reasons,

"If we say that our unique place where? The most different must be the user interface." In the Dai Lei view, the future car will become like a smart phone terminal, so FMC production car the most prominent advantages, Must be in the user experience. "The user interface in the car will use a large screen, including the steering wheel part of the current FMC Silicon Valley Office has a very core team in the design of user interface and software work.

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