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"You said you liked how on the river the more the boat, always sullen, the machinations of a stomach, Jiang Yuening how wonderful, original high Qunfang hostility Jiang Yue Zhou, always undisguised. Ye the Beibei know high Qunfang have to start her long-winded analysis of Jiang Yue Zhou and Jiang Yuening advantages and disadvantages of, and hurried to come to a halt her, "I know that Jiang Yuening good, so you keep!" Cheap Glasses She knows the high Qunfang always loved Jiang Yuening . High Qunfang natural clear Jiang Yuening not wait to see myself, to listen to Ye Babe did so openly Jieduan was choking, and stare at her, not willing to erection of the head, "even if you do not marry Jiang Yuening, then you Let the yard evildoer back ah! " Ye Babe listen to high Qunfang Speaking of the 'evildoer', my mind immediately an America's Cixiongmobian face the evil rampant laughter, but also that summer night, the night, the patch of woods, hot hand, that heavy breathing, hot people's lips ... He go abroad, but said to wait for him, you married so that Satan back given how crazy it is not ... "high Qunfang side push lightly clothes rack to see the clothes, while nagging, did not pay attention to leaves of Beibei some whitish face. Ye Babe her head to the side, the sound some instability, "He has good ah? You have helped to talk to him!" "He looks looks good there, there ......" eloquent, beautiful and fragrant flowers hesitated for a moment, can not think of that evildoer what is there, and had concluded, "Oh, anyway, looks well-recognized by all! " Ye Babe coldly laughed twice: "you say, you say that I let that evildoer to your home to marry!" High Qunfang face drastic changes in listening to these words, suddenly speechless. Finally, both in order to calm evildoer Designer Sunglasses scared some frightened and uncertain heart, decided to use the river more boat money, go eat a big meal. They chose the annex to a high-end membership-based restaurant, this is a Hong Kong-style restaurant, exquisite dishes and expensive to see, said Ye Babe by Jiang Yue Zhou light, the membership card.

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