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Congratulations on starting your career as a writer, hope it goes well!


I meant no disrespect to the work creative people do. I do value it quite a bit and I wish I can some day join your ranks.



But I do think that ideas once they are let loose they stop belonging to any one person.



Consider it the other way around. If there was no copyright, we would have for example, about the same number of Harry Potter fan fictions, but maybe some of them would be published, and their authors could hypothetically also make a living out of it. Most likely there would also be 10,000 amateur films on the original books, and several Big Hollywood productions. But one of them could carry the JK Rowling Seal of Approval, one only could be presented as "Canon" from the author's point of view, and that one must have had a deal made with the author herself.


In that system, people trust the original author (or their direct descendants) for the real quality in their derivative universe, to wade the myriad of other sub-par derivative work and so, the author keeps control on her creation (a little bit).

I'm not saying this would be a better alternative, but it's just an example from the top of my head of one that could conceivably work towards a more just ownership of cultural media.


I repeat, I don't think we should do away with copyright altogether. It would be a disaster if any publisher could print any number of copies of any book they wanted. But I am certain that giving authors and their heirs for three quarters of a century COMPLETE control over their work is to diminish the value of the social entity that helped produce and give life to the work.


I say we need a more balanced system. Not an imbalanced one against

the creators.


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