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Ho il piacere di informavi che l'intero progetto "Turn Love to Video" sarà presente all'International Amsterdam Film Festival nella sezione Media Art Film Installations Amsterdam (MAFIA)
Colgo l'occasione per invitarvi a vedere ed ascoltare Turn Love to Video sul sito: www.turnlovetohate.com 
Si ringraziano Hear with Heart e Jerome Symons
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This year, MAFIAfest goes green. The environmental problems have been around for a long time. The question is no longer "IF" but "WHEN" and "HOW".

In recent years, the artists have become the avant-garde of raising the awareness and the dangers humankind has created with its natural environment. They offer valuable insights and possible solutions on how to understand what is happening between the technological, social and natural systems that we inhabit. After all, environments do not exist, they are imagined and re-imagined, and when it comes to imagination, the artists are the ones to inspire us for future transformations.

Beside the works directly dealing with the questions of our relationship to nature, Wired Suicides also brings works belonging to the category of ‘ambient media’, or the works that are part of the new media environments created by humans.

The purpose of presented artworks will be to disturb the protected world we inhabit today in which things just happen and nobody takes responsibility for. We see this ‘green’ phase not as something to be promoted as a passing fashion of the moment, but as something that has to be integrated into our thoughts and lives. If that does not happen, we might be reaching the phase when humankind will embrace its final moment of ecstasy while watching its own total destruction, its own collective suicide.

Curated by: Vesna Madzoski


Brad Downey

Brad Downey (USA) - partner Goethe Institute
Brad Downey (born 1980 in Louisville, Kentucky) is an American artist, who lives and work in Berlin. He uses film, sculpture, painting and drawing to reflect on concepts about the Establishment versus the audience.  

King Adz

KING ADZ (UK) - The Urban Cookbook
As one of the main events, IAFF will be premiering King Adz’ The Urban Cookbook – The Film – a short, creative stream-of-consciousness documentary full of raw poetics linked to music and street-art. The documentary was shot in Paris, London, Berlin and Amsterdam, to accompany “The Urban Cookbook” - a cookbook with a difference published by Thames & Hudson in September 2008.

Mark Fomanek

Mark Formanek & Datenstrudel (DE) - Standard Time
Seventy workers are building a wooden 4 x 12 m "digital" time display in real time: they rebuild it 1611 times within a 24-hour period. Seamlessly documented and shot on HD video, a 24 hours movie or clock is now available.

Stefanie Schneider

Stefanie Schneider (DE) - 29 PALMS, CA
Project 29 PALMS, CA by Stefanie Schneider (work in progress) is a feature film/art piece that explores and chronicles the dreams and fantasies of a group of individuals who live in a trailer community in the California desert. The world depicted in the film is inspired by the photographs of Schneider in that it combines the notions of reality and fantasy and explores the resonance of both within a desert landscape and a transient culture.

Stephanie Rothenberg

Stephanie Rothenberg (USA) - School of Perpetual Training
Stephanie Rothenberg’s interdisciplinary practice merges performance, installation and networked media to create provocative interactions that question the boundaries and social constructs of manufactured desires. Her interest in motion economics and the work place exemplified in the research of Muybridge, Taylor and the Gilbreths play a significant role in projects that investigate how consumer technologies influence behaviors and shape value systems. The use of game-based models in recent projects is motivated by the current phenomena of computer video gaming and how the use of digital gaming in business applications, education and advertising is blurring the lines between leisure and labour.


‘Hear With Heart Cinema’ is a project by Jerome Symons (NL), consisting of a one person cinema that presents works of independent filmmakers. ‘Turn Love to Video’ is a project by Christian Rainer (Italy) who invited 11 artists from all over Europe to make a videowork with each track of his new album ‘Turn Love to Hate’. The artists confront the music with their very different poetical styles. ‘Turn Love to Video’ was issued as a DVD together with the CD ‘Turn Love to Hate’ in 2007.

INternational Centre on nonviolent conflict

A Force More Powerful - the game of nonviolent conflict

This unique video game teaches you how to defeat dictators, military occupiers, and corrupt rulers – not with laser rays and AK47s – but with a non-military strategy and nonviolent weapons. A unique collaboration of experts on nonviolent conflict working with veteran game designers has developed a simulation game that teaches the strategy of nonviolent conflict. A dozen scenarios, inspired by recent history, include conflicts against dictators, occupiers, colonizers and corrupt regimes, as well as struggles to secure the political and human rights of ethnic and racial minorities and women.

Philippe Gerlach

Philippe Gerlach & Stefan Kushima (AUT) - Current Shot 01
At first glance everything seems motionless. A street, passers-by, a sunset, all accompanied by electronic humming: “Current Shot 01″ by Stefan Kushima and Philippe Gerlach consists of a single 15-minute shot. The picture is framed by the upper bodies of two people looking into the light of the setting sun. The camera is positioned behind these two figures. In the centre of the picture a single figure can be made out, next to it a group, whose shadows fuse together. None of the faces are discernible, and they all transform into silhouettes, with a yellowish light from the sinking sun shining above them. In the background are factory smokestacks that underline the uncertain nature of the landscape: Is this an urban wasteland somewhere in Canada or a suburban street in Linz’s Urfahr?

Sergio Davila

Sergio Davila (MEX) - 3D Scanner
Have you wandered how would your face look like in the new Radiohead video? Using his 3D scanner, Davila enables you to find this out. This machine translates the reality of our bodies to a new environment, where the skin colors fade and new human features emerge.

Paul Glazier

Paul Glazier (NL/UK) - FLUTTER
During IAFF, Glazier will create unique soundscapes for cinema crowds at de Balie before each film projection and during intermissions. Born and raised in London, Paul Glazier attended Goldsmiths College of Fine Art from 1984 to 1987. Although even at this stage he was very involved with music it wasn't until he moved to Amsterdam in 1994 that sound began to take a more central role in his work. Initially creating sound environments for installations, his own and others', gradually the audio aspect grew in importance.


Bogomir Doringer (SER/NL) - “Deranged”
At first sight, Bogomir Doringer’s “Deranged” (2008) is a short dance movie. A girl is engaged in a 2’58’’ minutes long artistic confrontation. Here she invites, at the same time struggles and is being covered by what seems to be a “monstrous” phenomenon. She seems a happy victim of the continuing attacks of waves and waves of an ever growing amount of body hair. That is, not growing from under her skin, but attacking her from outside, like from outer space. This movie is both: a horror-inspired artistic event and at the same time an artistically invented horror story.” - Quote by Paul Groot


Christoph Keller

Christoph Keller (DE) - The Chemtrails Phenomenon
In his video THE CHEMTRAILS PHENOMENON, Christoph Keller refers to the contamination of the Earth from the largest polluter - aeronautics. White clouds over a blue sky form the perfect picture of the peaceful blue planet we live on. Nevertheless, after a closer look, it becomes clear that these clouds are not a natural phenomenon, but traces of various aircrafts. After watching this video, your innocent view on the blue skies above Amsterdam will never be the same.

Franz John

Franz John (DE) - Turing Tables: An Untitled Composition for Tectonic Spaces
In this work, based on the machine-theory of the mathematician Alan Turing, Franz John takes live seismological data and turns it into pictures, sound and movement. The project is not about the catastrophes that cause these movements in inhabited areas, but about the archaic feeling and consciousness that the earth is an organism, that it moves and that it can be understood as an organism in constant flux.

Pia Wergius

Pia Wergius & Arjen de Leeuw (NL) - Visions of William Living
An architect is talking in a deserted forest. He talks about the limitations of architecture. About change. About the potential of unstable territories. An anthill nearby gives its comment in silence. Their genetic brilliance is conquering the power of his imagination. Through their imaginary character of William Living, Wergius and de Leeuw tell a story of survival and remind us of utopian dreams offering us a stunning visual experience.

Tao G.

Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec (NL/SVN) - Virtual Hole - Wind
Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec’s installation VIRTUAL HOLE - WIND is the second one in his series dealing with undoing architecture and making it transparent for the weather phenomena to penetrate inside. In the series of works, SUN, RAIN and WIND are mechanically synthesized in the gallery according to the outside conditions. In its subtle and discreet way, this work makes all participants aware of the protective function of the human-built architecture, at the same time confronting us with the reality of the survival in the outside world.

Mark Formanek 1

Mark Formanek & Datenstrudel (DE) - Standard Time
Seventy workers are building a wooden 4 x 12 m "digital" time display in real time: they rebuild it 1611 times within a 24-hour period. Seamlessly documented and shot on HD video, a 24 hours movie or clock is now available.

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