GenShock suspension system can generate electricity

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GenShock system consists of an electronic control unit, coilovers a generator and a hydraulic motor in which a difference with a CDC that the hydraulic motor to replace the original electronic control valves, not only can achieve the same purpose of adjusting the damping cylinder hydraulic oil flow can also be save electronic control valve opening and closing continuously consuming electricity needs, and to maintain the advantages of the original active suspension continued to independently adjust the damping characteristics of each round. When the vehicle vibrates up and down, damping telescopic cylinder piston to push hydraulic fluid to promote the hydraulic motor, a hydraulic motor driven generator, electrical energy stored in a battery which then, to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, to reduce the damping cylinder piston telescopic purpose of generating heat dissipation. The larger the damping cylinder piston exercise, the greater the power output when the vehicle line in the bumpy road, the greater the power output.

ZF indicates that this set of systems will allow future vehicles both comfort and safety, but also can be applied to further improve vehicle energy efficiency, while relatively simple design also can reduce the cost of technology, so that the application of this system is more wide range, as this when an advanced suspension system will start mass production of vehicles or the energy Which specific benefits will be the first to use the depot, there is not yet a clear answer.

Summary: recycling of energy, not sparing even the shock tube, it seems that designers are no less hard pondering saving issue. By turning the inner and outer wheel differential can be recycled this design concept here is really trivial, ah, 325ic Coilovers people fight back and forth telescopic shock absorber tube, but the idea of ​​recovering energy, automotive energy saving issue is really going to dare to do ah.

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