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 Ed eccoci tornati...
Ve ne sarete accorti nei giornali che avrete comprato all'estero..(per chi ci è potuto andarci... si intende)
Il "buzz" che hanno scatenato I Gaslight Anthem nel mondo è assolutamente incredibile.
Dopo la copertina di Kerrang a metà Agosto (la migliore new band del 2008…) sono arrivati a supportare la band NME (con uno splendido 9/10, QMAG, Big Cheese, Alternative Press…il New York Times.

Qui sotto abbiamo messo insieme alcune delle quotes + belle, dateci un occhio se vi interessa (- del resto di musica si parla, o no? E trovateli due minuti! ).I paragoni sono con Springsteen, I Pogues, con un po' di Joe Strummer...

Entro un paio di settimane porteremo il loro primo singolo " '59 Sound" alle radio Italiane, ed il video alle tv, in attesa dell'uscita Europea dell'album a fine settembre (per chi non lo avesse capito tutto questo stà accadendo intorno ad una band alla sua prima prova realmente "internazionale")

Dovreste aver ricevuto tutti il promo advance dell'album in Agosto, chi fosse interessato mi contatti per ricevere la versione full artwork che ci arriva a giorni


KERRANG! Best New Band You'll Hear In 2008
 Sounding like a wonderfully gritty fusion of homestate hero Bruce
Springsteen and the native sound of their hometown, New Brunswick
(Bouncing Souls, Thursday), they add a pinch of Pogues-style rhythm-
and-booze to a set of songs that together make a strong case for the
quartet's second record being the best punk rock album made this =20

- NME (UK) - 9 out of 10 -
album review (Aug 20, 2008 issue)
This is an exceptionally fine album, one of rare heart, soul and charm.  Stripped down to just one acoustic guitar, Fallon's songs =20

would lose none of their poignancy or power: played by a young band with a masterful awareness of pacing and accents they pulse with =20

life. To hear them is to be transported into the lives of girls with =20=
Monroe hips and Audrey Hepburn pearls, of boys with wounded hearts
and tattooed lines beneath their skin, of diners and Ferris wheels,
of lives lived with no retreats and no regrets.  It starts on a
pessimistic note, with a man bloodied by a life-time of
disappointment, telling a lover "Everybody leaves, so why wouldn't
you?" (Great Expectations) and ends in optimism, with a beautifully
concise image of escapism in the simple lyric "in the backseats we
just tried to find some room to breathe" (The Backseat). It's punk
rock's very own Born To Run.

Q Magazine (UK) =4 stars out of 4=
album review (Aug 2008 issue)
"There's an instant feeling of hope - this is a very uplifting and
positive record, full of very catchy hooks and singalong songs. The
choppy 'Casanova, Baby!' is such a fun song, led by a cool guitar
riff and a chorus as catchy as I've heard. But there's a genuine honesty and likeability about this band that I haven't heard in

quite some time. It's almost like I can't quite put my finger on
what it is that makes the band stand out quite as much as they do,
but I know they have 'it'."

KERRANG! (UK) =KKKKK (highest score!!!)
- album review (Aug 16, 2008 issue)
Sound is an album which further develops the distinctive sound which sets the Gaslight Anthem apart...It is an album which is =20=

consistently excellent from a band which has yet to record a poor
track. The album expertly combines old and new, punk and soul, while
Fallon's lyrics and Alex Rosamilia'ss lead guitar take the listener
on a cinematic journey through melancholy and elation, remorse and
optimism. The result is an outstanding second album from a band who
are still growing, improving, and taking control of the direction
they take their music, and based on the quality of this album, they
will have no shortage of followers.
The New York Times 
(Aug 19, 2008 issue)
Gaslight to me is the perfect example of "The new sound of Alternative where GREAT songs count....luckily this format is =20

evolving in a talent direction, (aka...Arcade fire, Against Me...)
and not an "image" direction...Gaslight Anthem is a must for any
station that values its new artists.
Alternative Press  4 out of 5
album review (Aug 2008 issue)
The band'ss sophomore full-length, The 59 Sound, is a 12 song
streak of soul influenced cinematic punk, with each piece revolving
around a plot steeped in the Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty school
of songwriting. (US)
review (posted Aug 19, 2008)
The Gaslight Anthem) packs rich, lustrous songwriting into taut punk arrangements. Its casually observed storytelling, overflowing =20

with detail, seethes with a cool desperation reminiscent of Mr.
Springsteen in the late 92's.

AbsolutePunk (US) album review
Rebel Without A Cause Reincarnated!  Imagine the end of summer when those whirlwind romances, jealous hearts and unbridled =20

backseat desires face the untimely fate of blowing away with the
changing leaves.  Harvesting deeply entrenched emotions of love,
loss, lust and looming change, modern punk mavericks The Gaslight
Anthem know these notions all too well.

Big Cheese (UK) = 5 stars out of 5=94 album = review
Aug 2008 issue)
"=85these songs instantly transport you to somewhere else both
physically and emotionally and once you start listening it's
extremely hard to stop. You're drawn into a world that'ss slipping
away from you with every second, where cigarettes fill the gaps in empty days and empty teeth and where it'ss always night and nothing

ever feels settled. It's an album that's much more than the sum of
its parts but those parts are nonetheless integral to understanding where everything on it is coming from. It's an album

that makes you want to run away into the darkness, to give up
everything you have for a life of uncertainty and late night
melancholy, for unending American highways and a sad lifetime
chasing love through the backstreets of a dead-end, run-down town.
Simply incredible." (UK) review (posted July 29, 2008)
The hype machine is right.  Buy this record. Buy this vinyl. Buy
this CD.  Sincerity. Passion. Catchiness. The '59 Sound has all three in spades, and I want to wait a couple months before I use the =20=

word classic, but THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM have successfully defined
themselves with a record that should resonate among the internet
generation through the greatest generation.

OUTBURN feature and -9 stars out of 10 -
(Aug 2008 issue)
How do you follow up such an accomplished debut a 2007 "Sink
Or Swim"?  If you're New Jersey'ss The Gaslight Anthem you eclipse =
it.Opening with the aptly-titled "Great Expectations", The 59
Sound roars like the Turnpike in rush hour, all punching riffs and heart
on-sleeve lyrics.

Pastepunk (US)review
(posted Aug 14, 2008)
I've listened to this album so many times, and am still lost for words, I just want to keep listening and appreciating as opposed to writing about it, I find myself singing along rather than writing

about every time I tried, then the band toured, and I had a visual
to go with the sounds that had been dominating my stereo for a
couple of weeks, and it only made me appreciate it even more. These
guys have something special, they have heart, they have soul and
they throw it all into their rock 'n roll. Deeply personal lyrics
that anyone can relate to, delivered with honesty, you believe every
word you are singing along. That was confirmed on the live stage
too, but this, is the album. It's the album that will hopefully
break this band into the territory they so deserve. Right from the
opening 'Great Expectations' through to it's closer 'The Backseat'
their grip on you is tight. Title track 'The 59 Sound' has to be up
there as one of the years best, 'Miles Davis & The Cool' is another
standout, Brian's vocals take centre stage and don't let anyone
down. 'Even Cowgirls Get The Blues' is another of my faves, it's filled with soul and is perfect to kick back to. I guess that could

also sum up the album, except the chances of you just sitting back are slim, you'll be into it, whether that be tapping your foot or =20

singing at the top of your lungs. It's going to take something
special to beat this one for album of the year, I can't see it
leaving my cd player for quite some time.

Bombshell Zine
(Australia) =5 out of 5=
There's no way anyone can deny it or underplay that as the '59 Sound
will surely become a classic for this generation. I say that because
I have never before seen a CD with such a massive appeal - everyone
who has heard it has liked it. While it is a punk rock record
infused with soul and blues elements, The Gaslight Anthem are not
only for punk rock fans. There is something within the song writing
that surpasses genre barriers and unites everyone together no matter
their musical preferences. It does this by being playable in so many
situations. It can be played in a sweaty, underground basement show
or at a massive stadium. It can be played around a campfire, or
during a road trip. It would fit inside the top 40 countdown or in
the stingiest punk fan's collection. It could be simple background
music to something bigger happening or it can absorb you completely.
Whether you're sitting alone with headphones, reading the lyrics
booklet or sharing a beer with friends, The '59 Sound is the
soundtrack for that moment; it can be the soundtrack for any moment and it would fit.

Punktastic (UK)  - 4.5 stars out of 5 -
album review (posted July 10, 2008)
The Gaslight Anthem are a rare bird rare in their ability to
cross-pollinate blazing punk with a blues/soul bent in one musical stroke.

Tsunami (Australia) feature (July 2008 issue)
there are some who believe that punk and rock n roll
cannot be joined in holy matrimony, that the two genres cannot cohabit. Hailing from New Jersey, leather jacket and flat-cap clad four-piece

The Gaslight Anthem combine both with skill with undeniable
conviction. The Gaslight Anthem have constructed a glorious
relationship that is echoed through just about every sweet second of
The '59 Sound.

Thrash Hits (UK) =5 stars out of 6=album review
(posted Aug 1, 2008)
There's plenty of punk bands around that carry out the same message
 as Bruce Springsteen. Stories about the working man, broken
 hearts... there's more than enough of that going around. But The Gaslight Anthem goes way beyond that. They are one of the only punk bands - if not the only one - that succeeds in melding the sounds of

The Clash together with Springsteen's signature sound. It's not just
the vocal delivery (both artists hail from New Jersey) and it's more
 than the lyrics that make even the biggest clichs sound completely
earnest... it's the entire atmosphere of "The '59 Sound". It's the
whole of driving bass lines, carefully strummed guitars and Brian
Fallon's deliciously rough-edged vocals combined that makes songs
like opener "Great Expectations" and "Miles Davis & The Cool" truly
shine. "Film Noir" turns from a blues song into something that
could've come out of Social D's catalog while "The Backseat" is one
of the songs The Bouncing Souls haven't gotten round to writing
yet.  Every single song on here is amazing and I wouldn't be surprised if The Gaslight Anthem is gonna be one of 2008's most

talked about bands. And they completely deserve it!

 Subba Cultcha UK =5 out of 5=album review (posted Aug. 2008)
I don't say this lightly, The Gaslight Anthem is the best new
Band I've heard this decade. Seriously. The '59 Sound is
painfully evocative and one of the most intelligent, poignant, catchy and grabbing records I have heard in recent years. Every track is an

epiphany. For 42 minutes straight singer/guitarist Brian Fallon held
me enraptured with his driving New Jersey sound. His Joe-Strummer meets-Bruce-Springsteen-at-Tom-Wait's-house vocal arrangements carry

the album=92s 12 tracks through gritty emotional territory and up to
heights that I haven't heard rock and roll go since I first experienced "Born to Run"


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