Monthly sales of 20,000 + "war wolf" new Bo Yue October listing can singled out Hover H6?

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2017 Geely Automobile sales can be described as all the way to "open hanging", July sales ranking is the first time among the top five. Look, this series of exciting data, Geely Automobile sales in January to 90,088 units, an increase of 71.1%; from January to July this year, Geely Automobile sales of 583,959, an increase of 87.9%.

However, in the auspicious "war wolf" team, can not fail to mention the "cold front" to Bo Yue, this model in the first half of this year, total sales of 124,500, ranked fourth in the SUV list. In just the past in July, Bo more sales of more than 20,000, ranking more than Tiguan. Recently, the ghost brother Air Suspension was informed that in order to increase the battle to Bo Yue "energy block", in October this year, the new upgrade of the new Bo will take the initiative to attack the SUV market. So, what will be the new Bo Yue "supernatural powers" to be able to crush the enemy Hover H6 and Guangzhou Chuanqi GS4? To this end, ghost brother conducted a related interview.

From the outside, the new Bo Yue overall appearance and cash models are basically the same, the front face of the water ripple-type grille and both sides of the headlight group through the headlight group for the internal xenon light source, and integrated LED daytime traffic light. Tail lines smooth and distinct, the new taillight black taobao process, the internal "C" shaped LED lights with a novel shape.

It is understood that the new Bo in the smart Internet up a lot of effort, it will be equipped with the latest "Hello, Borui" voice interactive system, support CarPlay, also equipped with 4G network and wireless car Wi-Fi. In the interior layout, the block on both sides of the integrated driving mode control and electronic handbrake and other keys. The new car is equipped with a key to start, multi-functional leather steering wheel and car wireless network configuration.

The new Bo Yue will be equipped with 1.8-liter turbocharged with a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine. Among them, the 1.8T engine 6-speed manual or 6-speed manual gearbox; 2.0-liter engine matching 6-speed manual gearbox.

In July the car brand sales rankings, Turbocharger Geely wins the Great Wall Motor. Can be out if the Bo and Hafu H6 single on the single, even if the new Bo Yue debut, this duel to shake the Hover H6 or some difficulty. Despite the new Bo Yue do a lot of upgrades and updates, so that the price "evolution" to a new level. Can Harvard H6 can be 52 consecutive months to sit steady sales champion, is definitely not a chance, is a real brand and product force to do support. Moreover, in this year's Shanghai auto show on the new release of the new Hover H6 is also very competitive products, from the interior to the workmanship have reached a new height. In addition, the Harvard H6 rich product line is also more difficult to compare, Hover H6 in the sale of nearly 70 models.

However, similar to the Bo Yue, all contain the Chinese style of the Chuan Qi GS4, but to give yourself more effort. This car is known as the "second millennium", in the SUV market sales in the majority of the second, the market reputation and product strength is also very good. Can be a new Bo Yue, after all, do more then "gas" upgrade, and Chuan Qi GS4 really straight up, who can become the final winner really hard to say.


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