Sunglasses Traffic Signal Transmittance

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Analog viewed through the lens of yellow and green traffic signals and observed average daylight through the lens, the standard provides: color coordinates corresponding chromaticity diagram should be located within the corresponding area. If the color coordinates measured value exceeds the limit specified in the color area, it will cause confusion various traffic signals is one of the risks of traffic accidents. If colored traffic signal transmittance is too low, reducing the ability to identify signals and one of the risks of traffic accidents. Requirements for signs, each pair of Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses should be marked Standards Code and the manufacturer's name and trademark execution. Category marked, available to consumers in the selection of proper sunglasses can choose according to purpose and place.
For express or comply with ANSI protection lens, it must be able to withstand impact without chipping the ball free fall. The index is a minimum requirement for a protective function of glasses. If the lens has a protective function explicitly, but passes this standard, it is likely to mislead consumers from unsafe situations considered safe wearing a pair of Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses, in case of accidents, will directly harm consumers' eyes. Susceptible to improper eye wear sunglasses, cloudy, indoor light and so there is no need to wear dark sunglasses case. Some people, regardless of the occasion, regardless of sunlight intensity, even in the twilight, in the evening and watch a movie, also wearing sunglasses television, which will inevitably increase the burden of adjusting the eye, causing muscle tension and fatigue, vision loss, visual blurring, severe dizziness and other symptoms.
For the development of the visual system is not perfect babies and children should not wear sunglasses. In addition to glass sunglasses, others wear sunglasses lens material is not high, the user should always pay attention to the surface of Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale sunglasses, when worn affect clarity, should be replaced. Pink lenses which are very common color. It absorbs ultraviolet light, and some of the shorter wavelength of visible light. In fact, such a function and not generally colored lenses, which is to say, pink lens does not have a greater protective effect than normal lenses. Some people, there is still considerable psychologically helpful, because they feel more comfortable to wear. Gray lenses can absorb infrared and ultraviolet light. The greatest advantage of gray lenses will not make the original scene change color due to the lens, and the largest satisfying is that it can be very effective in reducing the light intensity.
Green lenses: gray lenses as it can effectively absorb infrared light and ultraviolet light. But green lenses will make some changes in the color of the scene distortion. Moreover, the effect of blocking the light slightly behind the gray lenses, however, the green is still as good as the excellent protective lenses. Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer Sunglasses Outlet Sale Brown Lens This lens light absorbance and green lenses similar species, but more than the green lenses absorb blue light. Brown lenses distort color degree than gray, green lenses to be far greater, so the average person's satisfaction is lower. But it offers another choice of colors, and can be slightly reduced blue glow, make the image clearer. Yellow lenses can absorb ultraviolet light and allows infrared and visible light to penetrate the lens.
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