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5 Hour Energy

Finding the energy for multiple responsibilities is hard enough. This has made workers and students to embrace energy shots that are zero sugar, four calories and contain ad much caffeine as a cup of premium coffee.

Reasons to drink 5 Hour Energy

The drink contains much of caffeine, and it is the one that provides the thrust that experts say. Too much caffeine is not recommended as it can cause nausea, nervousness, rapid heart beat, trouble sleeping and high blood pressure. The 5 Hour energy beverage is not recommended for use by children, pregnant mothers and those sensitive to caffeine as they should avoid it.

The caffeine level in the energy drink is a concern for those who play sports. Having a boost before one exercise is one of the key reasons consumer take the energy shot but most forget the underlying health issues. Some of the youngsters are using the energy drink to sober up after drinking alcohol. They forget the fact that being more alert drunk isn’t any safer than being drunk.

Young men are considered to be the consumers of most energy drinks; this is not the case as the market for adults is growing. The target market for 5-hour energy is the working adults who experience fatigue and believe they can benefit from an energy boost.

The energy shots are marketed as dietary supplements and contain multiple amount of ingredients such as taurine, caffeine and guarana whose reaction is little know about especially down the road. The product is safe but the next time one feels fatigue, one needs to try looking at what is causing the tiredness before reaching out for an energy shot.

So, why try 5-hour energy?

  • It’s quick, simple and effective.
  • It contains zero sugar.
  • Has caffeine equal to the amount in an ordinary cup of coffee.
  • It’s fast and easy to consume.
  • Contains B-vitamins and amino acids
  • It does not have herbal stimulants.

Buy it at and stay alert during the day or whenever needed to.



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