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Old and new gamers, you have played RuneScape, but are you acquainted with RS history? Year 2001 plays an important role in millions of people’s memories since RuneScape has its launching. Now along with 4rsgold, let’s have a 12-part potted learning of rs history.

Year 2001 witnessed RuneScape launch.

Inspired by text-based MUD RPGs, the first iteration of RuneScape is an entirely for browser game, but looks crude.

RuneScape grows in complexity quickly.

In early 2000s, the times and promise of a streaming browser-based MMO supports RuneScape grow in complexity quickly in the coming years.

Year 2004 arrived RuneScape 2.

Though the vast RS 2 affects almost every system in the game, such a vital of future-proofing that serves RS well for 9 years until the launch of RS3 in year 2013.

Castle wars-the beginning of a more structured game.

Castle wars is a smartly constructed competitive environment that succeeds within RS’s strict technical limitations and is regarded as the turn point for rs being a more structured game.

Dungeoneering-a fresh way to socialize.

“Dungeoneering ”offers us a moreish mix of traditional exploration, combat and puzzles, but also introduced a fresh way to socialize.

RuneFest-a significant escalation.

In summer 2010, Jagex organized a meet up for us to have a glimpse of upcoming features and designs. Then this annual event largely became a significant escalation in Jagex’s contact with us.

Castles in the sky-We become creators.

With the release of clan citadels and clan battlegrounds, the moment that we can have a brave move comes and we are now creators.

RS community starts to show off.

Alongside the innovative citadel update, we can use a level editor to build P2P environments, complete with custom rules for combat encounters. RuneScape community starts to show off and help us now and then.

Evolution of Combat-RS goes to war.

In year 2012, Jagex declares the Evolution of Combat update to be “one of the largest content updates in RuneScape’s history”. With a six-month beta test, this update brings us into War platform.

Year 2013 saw RuneScape 3.

In year 2013, RuneScape 2 saw the game transition from 2D sprites to a 3D world.

Bonds- a unique approach to cheating.

RuneScape’s enormous army of players have been invited to fight in bloodbath because 2078 cows are slain per minute, more than 250 players die every minute along with 208 bosses.

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