What Makes Menosmart an Effective Solution for Menopausal Symptoms?

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Lorna Vanderhaeghe MENOsmart Plus

Menosmart has now been around for quite some time. This resilient product has definitely got right what other similar health products that offer the same functionality doesn’t. That’s why today we are going to look at the key components that make menosmart stand out not only for show, but for the amazing things it does to women experiencing menopausal symptoms. Each capsule contains the following ingredients:

v 80 Mg of black cohosh extract.

v 75 mg of sage leaf extract.

v 100 mg of Dong Quai extract.

v 80 mg of chaste berry extract.

v 75 mg of hesperidin.

v 75 mg of gamma oryzanol, extracted from rice bran oil.

To highlight the importance of these ingredients, we break them down and expound on each of them separately.

The Black cohosh is an effective treatment for hot flashes and heavy perspirations at night. It also provides relief for headaches, depression and sleeplessness.

The Sage leaf when taken in the approved dosage per day, is effective in preventing hot flashes and night sweats.

Dong Quai ensures that menstruation is kept at the normal rate of once a month, and also provides relief for painful menstruation.

Chaste Berry also known as vitex relieves women of male facial hair growth and acne using the vitex that it contains.

Gamma oryzanol is particularly efficient in lowering triglycerides and cholesterol levels in the body.

Hesperidin is a potent flavonoid made from citrus fruits improves the vein system in the body, as well as prevent hot flashes and leg cramps.

Why should I use it?

Ø It reduces hot flashes, which usually causes discomfort.

Ø Prevents sweating at night.

Ø Helps you have a restful sleep.

Ø Provides relief for leg cramps.

Ø Reduces vaginal dryness.

Ø Enhances concentration and alertness.

Ø Improves your mood.

Ø Reduces vaginal atrophy.

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