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Lumina Health CELL FOOD

Chances are, you’re already supplementing, and chances are you’ve heard the questions and debates about absorbability. Now, carries Cellfood, the next step in enhancing your body’s ability to achieve good health and longevity.

What is Cellfood?

Cell food is a supplement designed to not only operate as its own nutritional delivery system, but enhance your ability to absorb nutrients in general. It works by using a water-splitting technology, which provides a time-release delivery of oxygen to the cells. Cellfood works like the body, with the body, delivering oxygen and nutrients where and when they’re needed in the body.

What about free radicals?

If you’re at all familiar with free radicals, you might be considering the implications of heightened oxygen delivery in the blood cells. After all, free radicals are the enemy and are created by the breakdown of oxygen in the cells. Cellfood has an answer to this concern. The oxygen that causes free radicals is positively charged. Cellfood delivers negatively charged oxygen molecules into the blood. These molecules do not create free radicals. Additionally, they work in synchronicity with the body’s blood and lymph fluid which is also negatively charged.

Cellfood and Body pH

Another key factor of Cellfood’s effectiveness is its ability to work in any pH environment. One of the contributing factors to poor health is an out-of-balance ph. Too acid or too alkaline are both bad, but most people are on the acid side. Not only does Cellfood function in any pH range, it also helps to normalize an out-of-balance body.

Cellfood contains over a hundred minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. Its efficient delivery system ensures that your body will experience maximum benefit from each of these nutrients. It’s easy to incorporate Cellfood in your diet by simply dissolving eight drops in your water. As always, check with your doctor whenever it comes to supplementing or making major changes to your diet routine. When it comes to helping your body make the most of the nutrients it consumes, and fight off the daily barrage of free radicals, Cellfood is the next step in your journey to optimal health. You can get Cellfood from or your local health store.




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