Using Neptune Krill Oil and Oil of Oregano

Neptune Krill Oil and Oregano Oils are high beneficial to the human body.

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Neptune Krill Oil and Oregano Oils are high beneficial to the human body. Many studies have been conducted to determine the overall benefit offered to consumers with these amazing products. If you want to know where to buy oil of oregano or Neptune krill oil, check the links below!

How You Benefit from Neptune Krill Oil

Packed with bioavailable, pure Alaskan Neptune krill oil provides a superior resource of essential fatty acids, such as EPA, DHA and many phospholipids, which are critical to providing ample protection to the human body. Astaxanthin is but one component of Neptune Krill Oil, a carotenoid that devours free radicals to prevent oxidation damage and boosted immune health. The top benefits of Neptune Krill Oil include the following:

· Arthritis – studies have shown up to 30% reduction in arthritic-related pain and use 31.6% fewer pain killers.

· Cardio – Neptune Krill Oil studies have displayed a 59% improvement in good cholesterol, reduced bad cholesterol by 39%, 26% lower triglyceride levels, and extended life expectancy.

· Brain – Boosts focus, alertness, memory and acuity through DHA and EPA.

· ADHD – studies show a 56% improvement in concentration and focus, as well as a link between ADHA and DHA phospholipid levels.

· Diabetes – reduces lipid and glucose levels, improves weight loss, controls inflammation

· Skin – moisturizes skin with fatty acids and improves structure

How You Benefit from Oil of Oregano

Oregano oil offers the consumer many uses. This powerful microbial provides you with everything you need to provide antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties that boost your immune health all around. Though the benefits are still being researched, it has been used to combat fungus, parasites, infections, sinusitis, cold symptoms, and other common health conditions. It is an excellent source of all-around health protection.

Where to Buy Oil of Oregano and Neptune Krill Oil

There two high quality and highly nutritional oils can be found online at VitaSave is one of the largest providers to North Americans seeking natural health products. Based in Canada, the company has a significant record of low prices, top shelf product, and wonderful customer service.




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