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AOR Hydroxy B12

It is an undeniable fact that we rely on our brain to process information and help us function in our day to day lives. Our brain and nervous system are crucial elements in our cognitive function, memory and peace of mind. That is why the Vitamin B12 is an absolute necessity in our body, as it is a key component and aid in the normal and healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system. Vitamin B12 is a unique vitamin, it is water-soluble meaning the body cannot store it. Additionally, no plants, animals or fungi can produce Vitamin B12 on their own. In fact, the only way of obtaining B12 is through particular bacteria. That has made it a challenging (though not impossible vitamin to manufacture). However, therein lies the benefit of utilizing a supplement – if you do not add enough bacteria into your body on a daily basis, you could experience Vitamin B12 deficiency. We’ll discuss more about the harm a deficiency can induce on the body later, but first, let’s discuss how you can obtain more Vitamin B12 through the use of supplements. AOR Hydroxy B12 Lozenges are a safe and effective way to boost your Vitamin B12 and avoid any of the horrible health conditions that can come from a deficiency.

How does it work?

AOR Hydroxy B12 Lozenges are made up of a unique type of Vitamin B12 called Hydroxocobalamin. This allows the body to bind to the B12 more readily and absorb the nutients and health benefits more effectively. The benefits of this particular supplement include:

· A unique and effective Hydroxocobalamin form of Vitamin B12

· A sweetened flavor

· Binds to cyanide in the body, instead of adding it

What are the health risks associated with a deficiency of Vitamin B12?

There are several severe and incredibly serious health risks associated with a deficiency of B12, but the most serious include:

· Permanent damage to the brain and nervous system

· Fatigue

· Depression

· Other psychological diseases such as mania

· Reduced production of key neurotransmitters

Don’t wait until it’s too late to increase your B12 intake. Using a supplement can provide an ease of mind as you know exactly how much of the vitamin you will intake with every capsule. For more information about AOR Hydroxy B12 Lozenges, visit Vitasave.Ca.


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