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The World Luxury Association report shows that in the end of 2011, the Chinese luxury goods, the total annual consumption of up to $ 12.6 billion, which does not include private jets, yachts and luxury cars. This figure accounted for 28% of the global luxury market, China has become the world's Hervé Léger bandage largest share of luxury consumer countries, the World Luxury Association is expected in 2012, the Chinese luxury goods market will reach $ 14.6 billion, accounting for the global luxury spending peak. What attracts Chinese consumers of luxury goods is so obsessed? I think there are three reasons:
First, the Chinese people since ancient times to focus on "reciprocity", in addition to the small portion of personal use, gift-giving is an important luxury consumer applications. Luxury purposes, to buy for friends and family is probably necessary to account for one third, some buyers to purchase luxury goods for business gifts. Whether it is a precious gift,Hervé Léger outlet or a small gift, are essential. Therefore, some suitable gifts gifts have gone up, prices have been rising.
Second, Fortune magazine report shows that there are nearly 900,000 millionaires, which, concentrated in three provinces and cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangdong. With increasing disposable incomes, consumers are free overhead is also increasing, and some consumer and entertainment, fitness, education and training have increased. Consumers are increasingly focused on their own taste, especially women, about women's luxury varieties have been increasing, the price is high.
Third, consumption abroad has also become a fashion to heat up as hot travel abroad, overseas consumption of luxury goods has become a fashion. A number of Chinese tourists like to go abroad to buy luxury goods, whether it is the United States, Britain and other countries in Asia, Hong Kong,Hervé Léger Macao and Taiwan regions. Many world-renowned luxury brands have entered the Chinese market.
According to the data of the World Luxury Association, Shanghai is China's largest luxury goods market, accounting for 18% of overall sales, followed by Beijing and Hangzhou. About a dozen people have more than ten million yuan, disposing of property, a large part of consumers to buy luxury goods, the more popular French brand and the Italian brand.
Analysis of the global economy through luxury market:
The 1,2008 global financial crisis, luxury consumption in Europe and America is declining, consumption of luxury goods market in China, Russia, Brazil and India, BRIC Shikoku is up over 10%. To snatch the Chinese consumer market, the luxury goods in advance to open a price war. Along Hervé Léger outlet with the global economic downturn, China's economic slowdown, the global luxury market is no small impact in the context of the global economic downturn, China and other emerging countries in Asia continue to drive forward the development of the luxury goods market, the domestic consumers concerns.
China's luxury market, or become a bright spot in the global economic crisis, the Chinese market may be one of the few bright spots in the global luxury market, the impact of the economic crisis. Some scholars believe that: First, China's GDP growth is strong, with the domestic market to encourage consumption, and promote the overall consumer market, including luxury goods market. Second, China's consumer confidence has not been the impact of the global economic crisis. Third, China's rapid increase in the number of rich people.
3, the wave of mainland China to Hong Kong shopping, wave to Europe shopping, wave to go shopping. With the European debt crisis intensified, the global economic recession, global stock markets go Bear, coming again of the global rigid consumer group of luxury or is likely to be squeezed, global luxury new round of extrusion in turn formed the mid-range products. At this time, or bargain-hunting opportunity to buy more luxury goods.
As the global economic downturn,Hervé Léger bandage the pace of development of China's luxury market is amazing, the world's largest consumer of luxury goods, such a tempting piece of cake, the world's major luxury brands are eyeing the price war to seize the market. However, for the Chinese luxury goods market, prosperity does not mean maturity. In the context of the world economic downturn, the global rigid consumer is coming again, the world's major luxury brands have been pouring into China, to seize this big cake in the consumer market in China, Chinese consumers in the purchase of luxury goods, the need to deepen the luxury understanding. Luxury, carrying a certain culture, but should not become a tool for showing off.
Mercer, the world's largest human resources services, recently released the "2012 Global Cost of Living Survey, Shanghai, Beijing, 16 and 17, New York United States cities with the highest cost of living, but the rankings in the world 33. Mercer cost of living in cities by the dollar rate, if a city where the country's currency relative to the dollar, then the ranking will move forward. The survey can be used as a reference to the cities in developing countries in the development process, the cost of living is increasing.
Opportunities, risks, and the gradual easing of monetary signals from the trend of international capital flows, the pressure increase in capital outflows. First, the hot money outflow, the second, exchange rate changes,Hervé Léger have to guard against the risk of arbitrage capital outflows. Luxury consumption of heat, is a good thing, indicating that the Chinese consumers, the rich more and more. However, the rising concept of worships money and show off their wealth, the comparisons should be changed to reduce the display of wealth, the blind worship of brands such phenomena.


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