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Great success in Brazil for the innovative performance of ALUEI, initiatory name of Louis Siciliano


Rituals, meditation, ecstatic participation, killing of the "fourth wall", trance, healing, wellness. They are all put together in a single event, they all feature in the Brazilian date of "Music of" Becoming ", premiere of the upcoming Aluei’s world tour, initiatory name of Louis Siciliano. A number of special guests have joined this extraordinary ritual live performance, produced by Vittorio Dublin for Rebel Alliance Brazil and Luiz Marchesini for Brazil Project, Fernando Neder and Daniel Ramam, two local artists who are very popular, both in Brazil and worldwide. Fernando Neder, a well-known researcher and organic music operator, is the Director of the "Espaço Corpo Securo" and co-founder of "Núcleo Com Tato". He holds workshops and seminars worldwide. Daniel Reimam is a percussionist that uses ancient instruments such as percussions and rituals in his performances and he is also specialist in music therapy. They’re the perfect travel companions to join ALUEI, a musician, a sound shaman healer, a poet, a writer, an intellectual, who is also a representative of the Logosophy in Europe. (Logosophy is an original science, which offers the human being the opportunity to carry out a process of evolution of its own qualities through knowledge. It is a science which teaches the human being how to become self-aware and to think freely, through a purely practical method). In this live performance, in this extraordinary experience, the musician-shaman has become the focus of all energies transmitted from the matter which he finally translated into music. There was no gap between the performer and the audience. Indeed, the audience "played" with ALUEi (recent scientific studies have proved that our body has its own music. A veritable symphony of life produced by the vibration of the proteins which,  just like the strings of a violin, modulate their movements. It is thanks to these movements that proteins can quickly change shape and  bind to other proteins in order to activate and make possible the vital functions within our body such as breathing and the duplication of Dna). And echoes of long-lost civilizations could be heard, which have been a sounding-board to even more innovative technologies. The outcome of this live performance, where one could have the impression of hearing the prayers of Cuban santeria, Gregorian chants, the Voodoo rituals, Vajrayana Buddhism tantras, the radong accompanied by Misa-Kitara or even the castanets played to the rhythm of the I-pad, has been to increase an extraordinary feeling of well-being, liberation,  lightness.  And the music of ALUEI, his "Music of" Becoming ", has become a veritable medicine for the soul. The tour will stop in Italy on February 15. ALUEI will meet a new audience for a new live performance at the "Association Angelo Pinna Onlus in Biella, one of the largest associations for alternative medicine in Italy.



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