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Because of the diverse types of outdoor sports, for different sports, sports glasses functional requirements are also different. For those who engage in intense extreme sports, sports safety Cheap Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Outlet Store glasses should be configured, which have safety effect. Wind mirror suitable for long-term movement in the outside world, especially in areas of strong wind and sand sports enthusiasts. And to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts myopia, myopia born more sports glasses they brought the gospel. Sports glasses myopia functions include not only the general glasses with the performance, and uses a PC material resistant to impact surface, so short-sighted friends can enjoy the fun of the sport was brought. There is long-term exposure to sunlight, strong and athletic long sunlit need to purchase polarized sports glasses. For the climbers, snow on the mountain is easy to damage the eyes to ultraviolet light, the naked eye is very easy to damage the retina, causing great pain called snow blindness, sunglasses can reduce this damage, but do not be deceived cloudy weather because UV rays can penetrate clouds, glare can cause headaches, and sports glasses have a filtering effect.
For glacier travel with sports glasses need some penetration, and multi-purpose sports glasses should have a greater penetration. When buying a mirror, you can easily see if their eyes are too bright, the lens color is gray or green-if you want to see the true colors, if you want to cloudy or foggy weather want to see the most carefully good selection of yellow lenses for infrared, unless you face the sun will be directly damaged, but the general sports glasses can prevent the penetration of infrared and eye protection, protective sports eyewear side of the device must be reduced sun penetrate the eye, but must have good ventilation to prevent lens fogging, or the use of anti-fog or anti-fog lens cleaner, you need to bring a spare pair of glasses to avoid losing campaign also use cardboard or clothing cut into thin strips covering the eyes.
Most climbers prefer to use contact lenses, because the Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses will slide in the nose, can improve visual acuity, water spots will not appear, but there are still shortcomings, such as too full sun, sand, dirt can cause eye irritation, while outskirts easy cleaning and maintenance. From a professional point of view, in the selection of sports glasses, people should focus lens function. Because different lenses for different light filtering effect, it is also suitable for different sports environment. Dark lenses are better than light-colored lenses, which can effectively improve the UV index and UV isolated. For example, visible light purple lenses can reduce the extent of the eyes, does not affect the clarity of vision. So cycling glasses lenses can be used purple, and is suitable for long wear. Gray lenses can provide the best degree of color perception, are experts recommended type.
Yellow lenses can not be worn in the fog contrast enhancement is recommended when driving. The yellow-green color and purple gilded mercury progressive lenses can effectively filter blue light and enhance the contrast of the sky and the ground, so the golf green and purple Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet glasses with yellow lenses, making the ball more clearly on the horizon. The sun is constantly emitting a daily ultraviolet, visible, infrared, these three waves, without proper protective glasses, each of which can cause serious injury and its effect on the eyes. Choose visible movement requirements for their own sunglasses, color is very important. Best buy can be anti-UVA and UVB radiation glasses. In the selection of sports eyewear shapes, each person also differ from each other, different faces for different shapes of the frame have a different requirement.

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