CandiGone – Targeted Yeast Cleansing Program

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Vancouver, Canada – CandiGone is a 15-day, 2-part, targeted yeast cleansing program. It is made with specially selected herbs, designed to address internal yeast and support urinary tract health. Candigone is formulated by combining several anti-fungal ingredients. These ingredients work together to target the many different types of yeast bacteria that can be found in your body. CandiGone works by destroying bad bacteria, which in turn, allows good bacteria (acidophilus) to thrive. To learn more about CandiGone, be sure to visit

What Causes Yeast Infections

Before you begin your CandiGone cleansing treatment, you must first understand what causes yeast overgrowth. Yeast infections are commonly known as candidasis. These infections are very common with females, and they are the result of the fungus Candida. This fungus is associated with severe itching, swelling, and irritation.

Candida is a naturally occurring microorganism found in the vaginal area. Typically, its growth is kept in check by lactobacillus bacteria. However, this bacterium will be unable to work effectively if there is an imbalance in your system. If there is an imbalance in your system, it will lead to an overgrowth of Cadida, which will in turn lead to a yeast infection. Most yeast overgrowths are caused by:

· Antibiotics

· Pregnancy

· Diabetes

· Weak immune system

· Poor eating habits

· Hormonal imbalance

· Stress

· Lack of sleep

The good news is most yeast infections can be treated easily. This can be done by using a kit such as CandiGone. These kits work by destroying bad bacteria, which in turn, allows the good bacteria to thrive. You can read more about CandiGone at


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