The 5 Best Fashion PR Firms of 2015

An established player in the fashion PR industry, KCD consistently ranks high on top PR fashion firm lists and given the firm's track record, this is no surprise.

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In today’s competitive market, PR fashion firms must demonstrate their global reach. In 2015, five PR fashion firms stood out. Each of them demonstrated an exceptional ability to drive brands into markets around the world and leverage international exposure for the products, companies and people they represent. Unlike many top Fashion PR Firm lists, which time and time again feature the same firms whether or not they’ve made an impact over the past year, the following list highlights only those firms that have proven themselves to be major influencers in 2015.

Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR

At the top of this year’s list is Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR. Based in New York City, the firm also has locations in San Francisco, London, and Vancouver, Canada. In 2015, Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR made headlines around the world promoting designers, such as Nina Skarra, and events, such as Emerge!, a top emerging designer showcase during Fashion Week. They also made headlines with their The Reality of Fashion, The Reality of AIDS event. Founded by Monique Tatum, Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR continues to garner increased attention with its fresh, innovative and socially aware campaigns. Whether it is a fashion show, trunk show, celebrity event or global branding campaign, Tatum and her team of associates have proven themselves to be equipped to execute captivating campaigns from start to finish. As a mid-size firm with a selective list of clients, Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR is especially adept at creating one-of-kind campaigns tailored to suit individual client needs. Never afraid to take a risk, this firm has proven more than able to keep up with the fast pace of the fashion world itself, and this ranks Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR the number one Best Fashion PR Firms in 2015.


In second place is KCD. An established player in the fashion PR industry, KCD consistently ranks high on top PR fashion firm lists and given the firm’s track record, this is no surprise. With an impressive list of high-profile clients from Givenchy to Vera Wang, KCD has been a major player in the fashion world for nearly three decades and continues to make waves with its focused marketing campaigns, fashion week events and ability to effectively harness the power of the social media. In an industry known for fast turnover, KCD is not only an established player but unique in its ability to retain publicists over time. Building ongoing relationships with clients is something KCD’s founders Julie Mannion and Ed Filipowski have always sought to do and their high standing on this year’s list reflects this commitment.

Amp3 PR

Anyone who can successfully market an isolated island in the Arctic—this is precisely what Amp3 PR has done for Iceland—must be doing something right. But founders Dion Roy and Alison Roy have not only proven able to make Iceland an appealing vacation destination. In recent years, they have also continued to set themselves apart in the fashion PR world with brilliant campaigns for established and new companies alike. Bringing their PR insights to both designers and food and lifestyle companies, Amp3 continues to stand out as a company as adept at marketing campaigns as they are at event promotion. A relatively small firm, Roy and Roy pride themselves on the direct contact they maintain with clients. Throughout the industry, they are known for handling even the smallest details to ensure nothing goes awry in the hands of an intern. It is precisely such personal care that has gained them the number three spot on this year’s list of top PR fashion firms.

Krupp Group

For the past fourteen years, the Krupp Group has been representing a range of high-end designers with its conceptually driven campaigns. A highly selective firm—Cindy Krupp claims to turn down 75% of the potential clients who approach her—the Krupp Group continues to make its mark with meticulous attention to detail, especially when it comes to location selection and concept-driven campaigns during fashion week. At the recent New York Fall Fashion Week, the Krupp Group worked its PR magic developing a whimsical retro nautically themed event for the launch Edie Parker’s Spring 2016 collection. Fun, focused and professional, the Krupp Group ranks fourth among PR fashion firms in 2015.

Alison Brod Public Relations

An established leader in the PR fashion world, Alison Brod Public Relations continues to garner attention nationally and around the world. With offices on both coasts and a multicultural division targeting niche markets both within the United States and abroad, Alison Brod is adept at reaching everyone from fashion week elites to suburban housewives. Alison Brod’s current clients include retailers as eclectic as CaudaliéParis, Mercedes-Benz, Old Navy and Kmart. The firm’s consistent ability to reach consumers globally and across a wide range of budget spectrums is impressive, but so is their multifaceted approach. Already well known for its traditional promotional strategies, in 2015, Alison Brod also showcased its prowess as a company well positioned to launch viral and digital marketing campaigns. On this basis, Alison Brod ranks fifth among 2015’s top PR fashion firms.

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