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Polarized lenses based on the principle of light polarization fluctuation and louver design and manufacture of principle, can effectively reduce glare, eliminate bright reflected light and scattered light, so messy light into parallel light, depending on the material to make clearer and soft, clear. Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale Polarized lenses angle and curvature through professional design and processing, so that the wearer does not have a sense of scene distortion and dizziness. Seven of anti-shock layer, providing good toughness, impact resistance, scratch and effectively prevent the lens from the lens to extend the service life. Now anti ultraviolet radiation is usually divided into two glasses and sunglasses polarized lens, sunglasses are usually familiar to us block the sun and UV tinted glasses. In our daily lives sun and ultraviolet rays will produce irregular diffuse through the uneven pavement, water and other places, commonly known as glare.
The emergence of the human eye glares discomfort, fatigue and affect the clarity of vision. Ordinary sunglasses can reduce the intensity of light, can not effectively remove surface reflective and bright glare in all directions, and in addition to UV polarized and reduce the intensity of light, it also can effectively filter out glare. Most eyes will absorb this UVB rays so be sure to block the light out of this. Because polarized sunglasses with polarized light function, so that all can block out the harmful rays are not affected by visible light, can really achieve eye protection function. The difference between polarized glasses and sunglasses, UV damage to the eyes has slowly been valued by everyone, so there is a professional glass to prevent harmful light rays. UV irradiation of the glasses into two sunglasses and polarized light microscopy, sunglasses tinted glasses is well known for blocking sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, generally brown or green is most common.
The difference between polarized glasses and sunglasses, but in our lives except the sun and ultraviolet rays, glare even damage your eyes, make our eyes tired, affect the clarity of vision, and completely filter out glare polarized, achieve real protection for the eyes. The most common color is dark gray Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet polarized glasses based. The difference between polarized glasses and sunglasses, the general effect of reducing the use of sunglasses just light, but reduced the intensity of harmful rays, and no blocking harmful rays, but the style of trendy sunglasses. The difference between polarized glasses and sunglasses, polarized glasses can completely block a variety of factors scattering, refraction and reflection caused by glare, even if engaged in light activity, the eyes can also be protected.
The difference between polarized glasses and sunglasses, and many of my friends myopia worried, it is not with the myopia can not wear polarized glasses, in addition to wearing contact lenses and now the new addition to the polarizing clip, to solve the short-sighted friends problems, how about after that polarizing film clip, polarized sunglasses clip is in the surface layer and add a layer of polarizing film plus a myopic lens. The difference between polarized glasses and sunglasses, sunglasses may not have such a unique advantage, so now is the most polarized glasses prevalent. Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet Sunglasses can be divided into light-colored sunglasses, sun glasses and a special purpose sunglass, popular sunglasses mainly refers to the light-colored sunglasses, and requires little UV transmission. Note that when you choose light permeable lenses that can not be bad, or affect vision, prone to eye; contrary nor too light permeability, it simply will not work in a blackout.

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