Sunglasses Technology Applications

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Photo chromic lenses currently used on car windows, sunglasses, and visual display components, and its basic composition is halogen material. The Japanese researchers have developed a sense of light can be recycled lenses; this will destroy the environment free of halogen material in the composition of this new ecology lens. Just like photographic negatives, now light lenses darken sense because silver and halogen-containing compounds within the lens, such as silver iodide. Too little sun ultraviolet rays to provide enough energy electrons containing halogen ions do move, these electrons will combine with the silver ions to become neutral atoms of metallic silver. These silver atoms after they gathered to become tiny particles, the light scattering off leaving the lenses darken.
However, this process is reversible, after some Cheap Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Outlet Store sunglasses away from ultraviolet radiation will be restored within a few minutes and transparent, while others must be able to restore it through the heating process. In each response process, the electron released from the silver atoms, the resulting silver ions into metal clusters again. Generation of toxic and carcinogenic compounds and carbon-based halogen molecule will react, for halogen, Osaka, Japan Industrial Technology Research Institute of the vector and colleagues form silver ions of silver nitrate was added to complete the standard lens material mixed the. Lenses made of silver nitrate under UV light will turn from clear to yellow, yellow lens when it is heated, will revert to transparent. This lens is a transparent original color changes to yellow but recovery can be repeated numerous times.
For some applications side, the wider the spectrum is necessary, then the current researchers have not been able to develop into other colors of lenses, but so far all are mere mention of the results of the UV laser irradiation through a few minutes later, rather than natural light through. However, this new material has excellent display process variations, the halogen is not necessary. The study also pointed out that the development of this new material could help more high-tech applications of optical memory element. Liang used to describe someone as fat content highlights, humor, shock, etc. Sunglasses is to block the light, bright things, when someone published content is too connotations, too amazing when its bright even sunglasses can not resist, even to the extent of fragmentation, everyone will have exclaimed, my broken sunglasses. Refers specifically to withstand the harsh things the device, to prevent his glasses were blinded. After derived alloy Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet sunglasses, sunglasses and other high-strength tempered glass, similar usage.
In the United States it was found that sunlight to touch any object regardless of reflection and refraction will naturally produce glare, such as glare can cause glare and eye fatigue. In order to reduce eye fatigue after many different experiments, he finally developed a reflex and repeated twists and turns to make solar light transmittance of the plate in the same direction, so that the light that filters through this board and can be reached reduce eye on light burden. The invention of this Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet technology is widely used in military and technological fields, such as microscopes, special mirror pilots, undersea explorers and other professional fields. Working principle of the polarized can be of natural light diffusely reflected light, glare and irregular reflection light object off denial internal polarized visually see the molecular arrangement of the line body, and arranged in the same direction, so that the light polarization made of soft light, making objects appear clear and non-reflective.

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