Composite Polaroid Sunglasses

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A transparent plastic plate was immersed among the most common polarizing film is first prepared by a soft rich chemical activity in aqueous solution of iodine dissolved in bisulfate, many within a few seconds of iodide ion diffusion into the inner layer PVA, the micro-heat, with manual or mechanical stretching until multiple lengths, becomes narrow and thin, after drying become a polarizing film. Since iodide ions have good polarizing properties, it can absorb the light beam parallel to the arrangement direction of the electric field component so that only the vertical component of the light beam by an electric field, can be manufactured using such a principle Cheap Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Outlet Store polarized. Everyone knows polarized can eliminate glare, so motorists improved vision, to see things more clearly; phosphorus can eliminate the water shimmering scales, so that people see fish bait fishing; may increase the color saturation to make tourists more enjoyable.
In fact, the range of applications is very wide polarized, not only for use in sunglasses, anti-glare goggles, photographic equipment, filters, car headlights glare treatment and the amount of light adjuster, other computers and mobile phones like LCD screens are polarized films do. Because Polaroid is the use of polarization theory, so he it is directional. Some well-known domestic and foreign brands of glasses more able to ensure the quality, do not in order to save some money, buy the kind of cheap Polaroid, the degree of polarization may not pass Oh, that could affect driving abroad out of traffic accidents, will detect the driver wearing glasses, because the degree of polarization error causes visual errors.
CAB is a traditional Polaroid, which is characterized by relatively soft surface generally do not strengthen, easily scratched, the case of tidal easily shrink. Just when the film is produced by just the right size, over time after the temperature difference becomes smaller pieces may touch what pieces will fall. Now some of the better brands of Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses will not use this material in a polarized. TAC polarizing film is improved and is now the third generation TAC, after extending a polymer film, will reduce the mechanical properties usually becomes easily broken. So after the polarization matrix extension you want to paste the transparent substrate composed of triacetate fibers on both sides, on the one hand can do to protect, on the one hand can prevent retraction of the film. There are so many advantages of course, the price much higher than the CAB, basically more than half of the high price, but it can not distinguish between people who are not, it will be marked with the brand of glasses TAC.
Staining TAC polarized, CAB can not do staining, so we saw previously are full color polarized. Because now is the use of fit, you can do the kind of gradual color, so PL colorful color film now, and processing complex, and of course the price is higher than the full-color TAC. Polaroid is a composite three polarized. The middle layer is a polarizing film, the lower is the other Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet materials, there are several, the price is from low to high, the most expensive is GNPPL. Because Polaroid is relatively soft, easily scratched, but other materials fit on promoting the advantages of other materials, to avoid their own shortcomings, but these processes are more complex, so the price is high, only a few big brands can use affordable.

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