Sunglasses Decorative Effect

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Polarized lenses main purpose is to filter out strongly from the surface of the Sun, park circuit, buildings, snow, car surfaces reflect light, eyes clear and supple. Drivers, fishermen, water sports and snow workers apply. Color-changing lenses color varies with the intensity of sunlight, color is darker in the Sun in the Interior light again. Color theory color lenses are added to the lens is sensitive to light intensity and color photographic material, usually metal halides. Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Sale Grey lenses of any absorption chromatography equilibrium, so watch the scenery will dim but visible chromatic aberration, showing real natural feeling. Neutral colors.
Tinted lenses filter out a lot of Blue-ray, and can improve contrast and clarity of vision, severe air pollution or wear better under foggy conditions. Green lenses absorb light at the same time, maximizing the reach of eyes green light, so there is very cool and comfortable feeling, person for eye fatigue. Blue-grey lenses are similar to grey lenses, with neutral lenses, but the color is deeper, higher visible light absorption rate. Mercury lens surface mirror coated with high density. Absorption and reflection of this lens more visible light, suitable for outdoor activists. Sunglasses for outdoor wear can be stopped from in front of the Sun, in the car or indoors, it can still be seen. If light gradient for middle aged women wearing decorated with good results.
Yellow lenses strictly speaking, such lenses do not belong to the Sun, because its almost no reduction in visible light, but in the fog and dusk, yellow lens improves contrast, provided a more accurate Visual, also known as night-vision goggles. Light blue, light pink, and so likewise is more decorative than practical lens. Lens color is darker and absorbs visible light more as a function of Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet sunglasses block out the Sun, the more prominent, dark lenses can absorb visible light of the Sun, and some light lens absorbs visible light may be less than half. Lens shading affect only the visible light absorption properties and has nothing to do with UV resistance, UV-visible, UV resistance depends on lens materials, rather than shading, Tag Hewer resin film is colorless transparent, but still resistant to UV rays.
Lenses sunglasses without UV features, not only fail to protect the eyes, because the deprivation of self-protection ability of the human eye and cause more serious harm. Sunshine natural contraction of the pupil to the human eye, thereby reducing the incidence of sunlight, but will also reduces the UV radiation. After wearing Tiffany and Co Charm Bracelet Outlet sunglasses, due to reduced visible light that the eye pupil will not shrink, if this lens has no anti-UV, ultraviolet irradiation of the human eye does not at this time with this pair of glasses, more. A pair of qualified Sun lens blocking UV rays. Sunglasses with large frames, mainly male to double beam metal frames glass lens, ladies with plastic frames, peach-shaped plastic lenses. Non-blue-gray color is dark green. Myopia sunglasses frames can be light, can also be sunglasses. But when selecting sunglasses, sunglasses frames are to be considered for replacement lenses.

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