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Glass said user interface is very intuitive, and even can be quite beautiful. Superimposed image is very clear. What is the playback head to the left, to the right is the fast-forward; the rise is to choose the video. He is not the kind you can take on the train is very convenient glasses, in terms of weight and volume will probably also use it at home. Epson emphasized that the main objective of this fact, the Tiffany and Co Outlet glasses are not ordinary consumers, but businesses. They now build a smaller, lighter version for wider industrial applications. Their hope is that Epson become smart glasses of BlackBerry. Smart glasses have good prospects in the user; in some areas will require real-time view the current vision of staff, or pass instructions directly in their field of vision. Under these circumstances even need to give the staff manning such a smart pair of glasses.
Now like glasses, a lot of people have to wear silly concerns. Smart glasses will bring a wave of the next wave of innovation. Warehouse workers, factory workers, security and health care, etc., in the case of the smart glasses with the quality of work of these people can get greatly improved. These types of work will be a great demand for smart glasses. At the same time they are not Gucci, is to assist the work of the glasses. APX Labs is a focus on military organization tracking technology that they created this YouTube app. This is a software platform for the greater pave the way for subsequent Epson hardware. Since three years ago, they began to develop a platform for smart glasses, about a year or a fortuitous opportunity to start with cooperation, and eventually decided to concentrate on here. They developed a glasses can be integrated in the sensor finally realized we are watching a video.
Google also invite them to participate in the conference to showcase new app. whenever there is a new release of Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet Glass, our traffic will be greatly stimulated. But Eric said still did not feel the pressure of competition, Now this area is only a few handful of us. We support each other very much. A recently published patent application materials display screen with Sony smart glasses in the process of being developed all the way to triumph. The glasses are Sony applied for patents last year, it seems to get some looks inspired from Google Glass there, and now it has come from the initial concept envisioned a physical design stage. And unlike the Google Glass, Sony's glasses have lenses around the display. In fact, this is not the first time Sony shows their ambitions in the field of equipment for the headset.
A patent on the show last summer, Sony's a future devices, the device looks like that section of science fiction movies to come out of something. It comes with two lenses, but not through the traditional nose bridge to connect, each lens can be used as the display. And it is equipped with a camera, batteries, office suite, etc., but this is still concept design equipment now, no physical. Compared with the above, the Sony's latest patent is much more realistic. The glasses frame glasses based on the traditional design a bit like Cheap Oakleys Glass. Popup display means located behind the lens. As previously mentioned, it has two displays. Glasses arm comes with headphones. Last September, when Dave proposed a smart phone system can be assembled, is called Phone. Before the concept of Lei Fen network also has articles detailing, is that you can be unlimited combinations to reconfigure the back of the phone. Phone mobile phone is also one of the first modular practitioners, watch the following video you will know how cool.

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