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Movie had many viewers to subvert the understanding of dreams, but also inspired many designer new ideas for the future of technology. U.S. scientists were the first to develop a high-tech glasses a Pirates of the dream space, the use of this new invention, one can dream wearer interference to subsection glasses. Users need to be edited to subsection glasses corresponding program, when a user reaches the deeper levels of sleep, dreams glasses will begin procedures to have an impact on the user dreams, when the end of the program, the glasses also users can wake up. The Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet smart glasses brain associated with internal sensors that can monitor brain signals and volatility eye, while you can also analyze the sleeper body signals. When the device to monitor the signal fluctuation, pre-edited program began to run, but a visual cue system devices have begun to play a role in guiding a user dream.
According to R & D personnel glasses paragraph, if there is a certain sense of dreaming process, then we can decide dream story development, which may become the theoretical basis for this innovative invention. The new application called Drive Safe; use Google glasses built accelerometer to determine the driver is not on the side while asleep behind the wheel. The design principle is simple, easy to use. After glasses say OK Glass, keep me awake, if the driver head tilted at an angle for too long, glasses comes with bone conduction speaker will sound the alarm. If the number is too many warnings, Drive Safe application will be connected navigation applications, automatic navigation to the nearest rest area. Automobile manufacturers are also developing similar technology to alert drivers who drive long distances in time to rest. By measuring steering inputs to monitor subtle movement when the driver fatigue and pop icon on the instrument panel, prompting the driver to the rest.
Audi and Infiniti is being tested eye tracking technology based software, such software is currently not released. Drive Safe application beyond the brand restrictions, as long as Google wear Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses, you can easily use. Currently, Drive Safe has not yet integrated into My Glass, if you want to use a separate download. The official blog Google latest update shows that the company is currently testing its research and development of a contact lens-type LED glucose meter, designed to reduce the sense of pain and blood tests for diabetes brings traditional fingertips, and you can always monitor the wearer blood sugar levels. It is worth mentioning that the blood glucose meter built-in sensors can be carried out on blood glucose readings per second, the level of sugar in the body of the wearer unstable, timely early warning.
Compared to the market now home glucose meter products, Google developed the highlights of this blood glucose meter that can overcome the limitations of home blood glucose meter is now the main Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount product. Limitations of the current home glucose meter are mainly reflected in two aspects: First test value errors. Home blood glucose meter is generally fingertips, but in patients with blood while squeezing your fingertips, it easy doping tissue fluid or tissue cells depend on the survival of red blood cells rupture. The second is not comprehensive. Home glucose meter to check your fingertips primarily through fasting and postprandial blood glucose level monitoring, this value can only reflect a certain level of blood glucose point in time. Insiders pointed out that the human body to fully reflect and grasp the average level of glycolic control; patients need to check once month hemoglobin, blood sugar levels reflect this value is authoritative data.

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