The Award Winning FIFA Series - More FIFA 16 Coins

FIFA 16 is now bigger, better than ever and available to pick up on player favourite platform right now.

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FIFA 16 is now bigger, better than ever and available to pick up on player favourite platform right now. It's packed full of new features and introduces female players for the first time ever. That being said, old favourites like FIFA coins are back.


EA Sports has released the latest iteration in its award winning FIFA series. From 22nd September 2015, FIFA 16 is available globally to football fans. Also returning is the game's coin functionality, with a wealth of ways for players to get their hands on coins.


FIFA is loved by gamers across a wealth of different platforms and FIFA 16 continues that trend. FIFA 16 is available to play on more platforms than ever, as the game sets its eyes on a larger audience than ever before.


Firstly, FIFA 16 returns to Sony's PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 platforms. Currently sitting at the most popular console of this generation, the PlayStation 4 is sure to provide a fantastic home for EA's multi-million selling series. The console has attracted over 20 million players and a large portion of those players will be enjoying FIFA 16 upon release. Likewise, the PlayStation 3 is still sure to attract its fair share of players with FIFA 16.


On other hand, FIFA 16 remains on Microsoft's Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms. The FIFA series has been consistently popular amongst Xbox gamers and Electronic Arts Sports will be hoping that said popularity continues with FIFA 16.


The FIFA series once again finds its way to PC gamers on the Windows platform, but notably through EA's own Origin platform, rather than the widely popular Steam. This choice of distribution is likely to cost EA in terms of sales. Likewise, the game is available from Android on the Google Play Store and iOS devices on the Apple App Store.


It is worth noting that FIFA 16 will completely skip Nintendo platforms this time round, not being available on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS respectively.


With each new iteration in the FIFA series comes a wealth of new features, with the most noticeable this time being the inclusion of female players, squads and leagues. It's the first time that the FIFA series has been equal in its male and female divide.


AI characters have also had a big upgrade in FIFA 16. They're now more intelligent than they've ever been, meaning they're destined for a better game against the computer.


FIFA 16 is packed full of new features and it's one of the biggest advancements the series has seen in years. EA have understood that their series is falling a bit, especially in comparison to PES and they're really catching up now.


The in-game currency of the FIFA series or Coins as they're known is back. Collecting coins has become a big part of FIFA in recent years and that's ever more the case in FIFA 16.


Coins don't have to be an expensive business however, there's a number of different fantastic tools out there for getting player hands on FIFA coins. Generators are an incredibly popular and effective way, but be aware of malicious software and services.


Likewise, FIFA 16 now features even more modes in game to get player hands on FIFA coins, which is a fantastic improvement. Getting player hands on such coins was once a difficult job and could cost player a fair bit of money. EA have drastically reduced the cost of getting player to buy Fifa 16 coins, which is nice to see.


So whether they're free or not, FIFA 16 coins are a big part of the game now.

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