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Yu Ling seems to eat and pay no attention to current thinking, the big man of dialogue, "Multi-season fruits and vegetables, less meat," beans stuffed "The first two altar are the best "good two-light immediately. christian louboutin outlet on the tidy middle-aged, smiling, bowed to retire. To see the boss left, Rollins will head murmured near Yu Ling," Drama said how it is? "?. Evolution is constant song you can not see" Is Yu Ling after the head outside the front microphone Rollins rolled his eyes straight ahead joke, "Changing the face of loss," Rollins first Yie, then could not help laughing light: "Ha ha, hello damage!" Hee hee ~ To laugh ah, I thought you were really stupid, "Looking at the law! forests and a look of sudden laughter helps Look christian louboutin sale , Yu Ling has bright eyes and smiles. Rollins hit his face did not help himself: "I'm not laughing" ~ "Ling Yu's deliberately very long word, a pause, then write to the mouth strongly said, "But more than scream too ugly". "Well," Rollins seems powerless to quarrel and Yu Ling are not going well. "Oh, tell me how you know Joy Tsin Lau Fort you cold?" try Rollins, the subject, no more quarrels and Yu Ling change. Hee hee ~ in fact it is not unusual! you heard the country Yuedi Luo, long ago "Jiusheng" Looking Rollins billion a look of embarrassment, Yu Ling seems to be very happy, smiling, said. "Now that I've heard." Rollins nodded slightly, Fort Tonghe to hear not only on the wood slightly brother spoke. "This is the Luo Sheng Bai Jiu Yuedi countries, particularly fond of wine, so that after several decades to create a unique style, cheap christian louboutin with "the mixing of grains of a spiritual force that is his temperament and his offspring would not have a strong allow the eye. from ordinary people, the spiritual strength of absorption features, see the enormous economic value of this "grain brewing." "sermon" Jiu Sheng Yu Ling looked at convergence, laughing. become the way fear. "

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