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To choose a different color lenses according to the resort weather conditions, the brightness of the snow that lens wear. In general, red orange yellow Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet lenses have a significant brightening effect, of course, if the weather is higher brightness, the color of the lens wearing snow mirror easy eye fatigue. Snow mirror lens from the shape of cylindrical lens and a spherical mirror into two categories, cylindrical mirror is more common in our past, but the past two years spherical mirror is a relatively new style, spherical mirror is superior in several ways cylindrical lens. Vision, due to the spherical design is more ergonomic, so the frame can be more fitting, making people's vision of reducing the interference frame. Silver, in strong sunlight use, reduce the degree of light or bright reflective snow. Red, low light condition, adjust the sharpness of visually warm family.
More space, the spherical projection, so that the lens of the human eye is increased a lot of space, which would offer several advantages, a large space vents for air to come in the circulation space, which is not easy to cause fogging. Spherical lens makes the distance increases from the human eye, but also makes the human eye will not soon encounter colder steam lenses, play anti-fog effect. Spherical lens design closer to the shape of the eye, so the eye no matter what angle of rotation when the line of sight is perpendicular to the lens may weaken the parallax. Far from the human eye lens, but also in more unexpected impact is not easy to hit the eye. Impact resistance and resistance to deformation spherical mirror are much higher than the cylindrical lenses. Can also be applied to cloudy or shade. This process of the Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet lens, looks light coating looming, unlike thermos bottle lamps so bright, but gives subtle feeling.
From the aesthetic effect in terms of spherical mirror looks cool, prominent spherical mirror focusing effect makes the scenery around the top of the lens to focus on, the lens effect of rendering the scene on top of the lens. So, of course, the primary recommendation to buy snow mirror spherical lenses, but spherical lenses are generally too expensive, after all, is a new product. Both sides of the lens, eye width corresponding to the position of the different functions are not the same, wide field of vision, suitable for playing board, narrower for dual board. Below the lens to light from different processing techniques to outline the snow mirror glasses protection, different focus principle, but the goal is the same, of course, the effect is different. But all brands of UV effect are not the same, but not the same resin material, which will be able to look out through the price.
Polarized, the intention is polarized, polarized principle photography or high school physics played a little better friends should be especially aware of, not quite understand the principle of a friend casually looking around I asked a friend will understand, basically like chaos wind over a fence blowing wind naturally weakened, the wind direction is basically stable. Usually Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount polarized lenses of different colors have different properties. AXE polarized lenses in different colors possess different properties, for example, gray, keep the natural color, suitable for a sunny day, when the sun stronger. Yellow for the morning, when the use of bright dark evening, cloudy or water and so on. Gray-green, light glasses maintain comfort. Brown, because the contrast is strong, morning, evening, cloudy or low light when used, can ensure clear vision.

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