Smart Glasses Grand Designs

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Most people have had forgetful annoying experience, not finding the remote control key is missing. Maybe in the future people no longer have to worry about forgetfulness and carelessness. Tokyo University researchers have developed new Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet smart glasses. Wear it later; just tell glasses wearer looking name goods, glasses will play out the last time I saw the scene items. Distinguishes this smart glasses is that the lens is equipped with a miniature camera and a small LCD screen. Camera data input and output LCD screen image is to help the wearer find the key-step article. When worn, the camera constantly photographed in front of the wearer items. High speed image processing software instantly to shoot down the image for data analysis and the results transmitted to the computer side, the corresponding database with articles, which computer to make judgments, to identify items. Wearer also named himself as items, create a private database.
You need to find an item, the wearer simply type item name, then the computer will bring up the last items photographed video playback on the lens mounted on the right side of the LCD screen. Japanese scientist Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet smart glasses State invention is a new member of the family of artificial intelligence. It can not find the keys might be history. Smart glasses equipped with hardware are not difficult to find, but how to let the computer quickly identify items camera captured the country has spent a few years time. He said that this is an artificial intelligence robot researchers and experts asking this question. Harada up in one of Japan most famous disposal experts "fuzzy logic" also with the help of State think they succeeded in solving the problem. Support smart glasses is the world most advanced operating items recognition software, and a new computer system can identify an object within a few seconds.
But smart glasses have become confused when viewed items form a far cry from a different angle, it can only guess what it is. Ability to practice smart glasses and chairs to identify the guitar is stronger than to identify coat hooks and batteries. Smart glasses still more ambitious vision country. He hopes to become the ultimate Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount glasses connect the real world and the virtual world, one day beyond human recognition. In accordance with the idea, after loading the large number of items of data from the Internet, even if the smart glasses never seen before an item can also be recognized in this article according to Internet databases, such as a wide variety of animals, numerous fancy electronics and all sorts of people. In the demonstration, held in the University of Tokyo, staring at the flower wearer unknown flowers, glasses and a smart LCD screen to tell him that what is begonia, or ferns, or is violet.
If you intend to put on the market in the future, the country needs to be improved smart glasses. For example, it is now sophisticated enough shape, not suitable for everyday wears. But the researchers are confident that the University of Tokyo to the Discount Oakley Sunglasses smart glasses loses weight, after the transformation of appearance is no different from ordinary glasses. Upper half of the interviews we've done reports, while the second half of the interview appeared in the sub-sites, focusing on design. In this section, Steve Lee talked about the starting point and the exterior design of the Google smart glasses design considerations, worth a visit. Steve Lee believes modern technology distracting. Now people on various occasions immersed in smart phones, even when eating or dating, these devices will continue to get them distracted, but on the other hand, the desire of people connected to the Internet needs met. This is a problem to be solved, so that science and technology give way, and let people in the real world the Internet.

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