Google Glass Privacy Violations Report

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In Google glasses many smart features, the most attractive but also a few people can now see everything through their own social networking accounts in real-time broadcast, users simply press the button on the glasses, or say good glasses on wearing glasses can do live around it, and users can see real-time comments, you can also communicate directly with the voice and each other. This is what Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet glasses most attractive place. And it is precisely because of this special feature allows Google company into invasion of privacy controversy. Since Google glasses can be quite subtle in the case used to take pictures, video and sound recordings, the protection of individual privacy groups have accused Google of privacy violation of glasses is the most modern technological inventions. Some have said that we are required to use the new technology initiative to set boundaries, rather than blindly accepting the new technology guided direction.
Some American bars and casinos are not welcome wearing glasses into the Google. California, a consumer protection organization held a press conference in the morning, released a report on the Google Glasses violate user privacy. The newspaper also reported the views of experts in privacy issues, all kinds of places have disabled Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses is just the beginning. Google glasses in the future will lead to more controversy. The United States also raised the morality issue when using Google glasses. The newspaper believes that users should always remember his face wearing a camera in the locker room and cinemas Pets places into the camera, it should be Google glasses come off. Google Glasses on television programs and some websites by the various aspects of criticism and ridicule. Others worry about wearing glasses, this will affect driving safety. United States there are about eight states are considering the introduction of Google for regulatory glasses, they are worried about the driver wearing glasses when driving this hardware device blocking the driver line of sight, and to the driver distraction.
U.S. media said Google has sent experts to try to convince government officials to persuade those states, fearing the driver wearing Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses is not necessary. Google the company invested in terms of political lobbying became the nation second only to the U.S. General Electric Company. Quite a lot of people harbor concerns that this product may violate personal privacy. Before it became a mainstream product, Google and other technology companies use the technology should first solve it raises privacy issues. Google CEO Eric Schmidt in a speech at Harvard Kennedy School of Government wants people to eliminate the anxiety of the new technology. That who fear change, or do not believe that Google will become the mainstream product glasses criticism is inevitable.
Previous technological innovations, such as smart phones and wireless devices, initially had also led to discussions about social etiquette, such as on a bus in front of the phone loudly and so on. But Eric Schmidt admits that in some cases Google should not wear glasses. There have long been selling businesses in the beta version of Tiffany and Co Outlet glasses, but the higher price back glasses but sparked controversy because this spectacle can not access the Internet in China, had to achieve navigation and social functions all can not play, its function is only fairly on a digital camera. According to the U.S. healthcare information website Fierce Health IT reports, more than American healthcare industry experts said recently that the various functions provided by means of Google smart glasses, more and more developers are exploring new ways to make technology more Google Glasses good for the healthcare industry, in order to obtain a transformative achievements in this area.

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