Sunglasses Special Chemical Reaction

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Loving friends for outdoor leisure travel polarized lenses also developed a taste for, polarizer arranged in a balanced crystal structure, this structure only allows light waves through the crystal balance, shock waves to other angles on all blocked. If you adjust the angle of the polarizer, water, glass, flowers, water, gas and other partial reflection over the shock of light can be blocked, but can be part of the normal light through, thus strengthening the contrast, reduce glare, enhance scenery colors, to reduce atmospheric the role of fog phenomenon allows you to see the world clearly, but also you a colorful world, more blue sky, beautiful natural gaudy. Summer is the world of Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet sunglasses, fashion, beauty, radiation protection, these features allow people prefer to wear sunglasses, but the experts pointed out, time to choose sunglasses doubly careful not only concerned with the design, but ignored sunglasses quality problems.
The polarization angle and curvature of the lens through professional design and processing, the wearer will not have the feeling of the scene distortion and dizziness, lightweight resin with Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale polarized lenses, the advantages of unbreakable, easy to wear and comfortable. Most suitable for fishing, driving, sports, sailing, skiing, hunting and other occasions. When exposed to sunlight below, the color will darken sunglasses or prescription glasses are called color glasses. Color glasses by Corning developed in the last century by the company to promote the use Transitions in the last century. Lenses Sunglasses contained within millions of molecules of certain substances. In addition to glass sunglasses, others wear sunglasses lens material is not high, the user should always pay attention to the surface of sunglasses, when worn affect clarity, should be replaced.
When there is no ultraviolet radiation, visible light can penetrate these molecules, which is the visible part of the general artificial light. However, when exposed to ultraviolet sunlight, these molecules will go through a chemical process, so that their shape is changed. Number of molecular shape changes will change with the UV intensity is changed. When you come indoors, away from ultraviolet radiation, the reverse will corresponding chemical changes. UV irradiation of a sudden leave of these molecules will quickly return to its original configuration, thereby losing the characteristic absorption of Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale light. whether positive or inverse change speed of the entire process occurs very quickly.
Century, the production company Corning Photo Brown and Photo Grey products, the lens is made of glass, molecules evenly distributed throughout the lens. When using this method in prescription glasses, it brings the problem becomes apparent, because the thickness of the different parts of the prescription lenses may vary slightly thicker where the color will appear darker. However, with the increasing popularity of Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer Sunglasses Outlet Sale plastic lens, there has developed a new approach. By the plastic lens was immersed in a chemical bath, color molecules will be absorbed into the plastic lens depth of about 150 microns. This new method is much better than a simple coating process, the coating process in which a thickness of only 5 microns color molecules, thus failing to provide sufficient molecular darken the lens.

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