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That isn't true, I never signed anything. And Jagex already removed PvP from the wilderness before. No reason they can't do it again, or give us a optional toggle "Do you want to participate in PvP, Yes? No?" when you try to enter. Pretty much ever MMO has this optional toggle already. No reason RS shouldn't.

And no one likes being forced to go and PvP if they don't want too. Several quests have areas where you absolutely must enter the wilderness, and there are some things there you can't get anywhere else. Please only comment if your going to know what your talking about, or be constructive. And there is a ton of need for this spell.

Besides, I'm sick of being called a hacker/cheater etc because I shield switch to resonance and use a teleport tablet the first time I see anyone while I'm in the wilderness. It's happened 4 times this week, and its only thursday.

That way PvPers can fight, Skillers can runescape, and people who don't want to fight and just need to do their quests can do so in peace. An optional toggle would be the best solution obviously, but I feel an Anti Teleblock spell would be the simplest solution.

I actually think that it turned out fine. They don't need to remove PvP in the wilderness, but they do need to either allow an Anti-Teleblock spell to be used as a counter, or simply ask us if we wish to participate in PvP activity in the wilderness upon entering, as a toggle. Pressing "no" would mean you couldn't be attacked or attack while in the wilderness.

That being said I think that an Anti-Teleblock spell that doesn't remove Teleblock, but does prevent it from being used on you for just 30 seconds, would be the perfect balance. Making it a actual spell and not an ability would ensure it has a cost in runes and couldn't be spammed needlessly, and having it set to a high level restriction like 90 or even 95 magic means that it would take far more to cast an Anti-Teleblock then a Teleblock, which only requires 85 magic. Plus making it so that it has to be cast before your Teleblocked, and only prevents Teleblock and not remove it, and only lasts for about 30 seconds would make it so that being caught unaware you could still get wrecked anyway.

I 100% believe that this is a needed update. Either make PvP completely optional in the wilderness, or give us an Anti-Teleblock as a counter to a currently overbearingly powerful spell with no real drawbacks or weaknesses.

I also think that the spell would be easier to code.

They could also make an rs item, an amulet or ring, which when worn completely prevents Teleblock from being used on you at all times. They could make Buy RS Gold a reward from a minigame, a quest reward, something you need like 80 crafting and rare mats to make and can't be boosted or assisted, literally anything.

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