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What a very good news I've received for you! Just take a look, you're going to be surprised open message


Speak to you later, LUIGI PETRUI


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Subject: God bless you


I slide a finger over the phone, amazed at the lack of dust before staring at the first number. *Curiousity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back...* I think while the more logical part of me chides that I am not in fact, a cat. I pick up the phone, cradling it against my ear and shoulder before dialing the number. I breathe slowly as the ringing starts, a piercing sound, shrill, and oddly enough, eerie.

"You shouldnt have called, life may be short. But now yours... I can't tell you, my dear. Call the next one, they'll have an answer. Goodbye." I listen as the feminine voice speaks and then click to tell me they hung up. Frowning, I dial the next number, and speak quickly hearing a breathe.

"Hello? I'm Alexandria, I found your number and was wondering if I could possibly have an explanation, someone knew you, and couldn't tell me anything..." I trail off, and hear a cough, old and raspy, but distinctly male.

"Yes, Curiousity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought it back, but that cat would soon die, and not come back." And then the click of an end. I bite my tongue in frustration and dial the last one.

"Write a number and hang up." The voice, neither male nor female commands in brisk tones. I find an old pencil and write down the number four, my favorite number, and luckily the fourth number. I quickly hang up, and turn to see three people in the room, beckoning me forward to them...



**edit** I'll continue this on another post. Hope you all enjoy, Happy New Year!!


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