Be prepared to do your homework before the wedding photo is taken, just in case

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When thinking about how beautiful wedding photos should be, prepare for them in advance, just in case. Only in this way can we take beautiful wedding photos.

1. Want to show their best to avoid in the photos, so the bride in the photo shall be completed one month before the hair care, hairdressing, marcel, and a week before taking pictures to system to do a facial skin care, take pictures can also do a nail, the day before to show a the most beautiful state.

The day before the photo is taken, the brides should keep their mood relaxed, pay attention to rest, and have enough sleep. And remember to drink less water before you go to bed to avoid swelling your eyes when you wake up.

Before the brides go to take a picture, remember to shave off their armpits and keep all aspects of the body clean.

On the day of taking the photo, the bride had better prepare a pair of fleshy stockings and a pair of matching high heels to match the longer wedding dress.

On the day of the photo, the bride should also prepare a white or nude strapless bra. Wear a wedding dress with strapless underwear, and if you're wearing a Chinese evening dress, it's best to wear padding or tightrope lingerie to beautify your chest.

6. The bride should not wear too much jewelry when taking a picture, which would be too burdensome.

7. The bride should try not to wear glasses on the day of taking photos. If you need to wear glasses, you should keep the frames without lenses in case of reflection. If you are too nearsighted, try wearing contact lenses, and for brides who are taking wedding photos with contact lenses, get used to contact lenses to avoid problems on the day they are taken.

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8. The groom's suit should not be too close-fitting, so as not to be inconvenient during the movement. Make sure you don't wear pants that are too colorful or too high profile on the day of filming.

9. The bride without makeup will be fine on the wedding day when she takes the wedding photo. She doesn't need to make up herself. If you are used to your own cosmetics, you can also bring your own past.

Brides should wear clothes with a front zip or a large neckline before they go, so as not to rub the make-up and hair on their faces when changing into a dress.


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