Edge of the white wedding dress back in China

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In fact, Western-style wedding is not just the West "original" inspired by the traditional customs and China is not merely a great source, even deeply influenced by historical chinese aesthetics.Legend, when the West by Marco. Polo (Marco Polo ,1254-1324) The impact the fact that East paved with gold, total of infinite hope, but the hearts of the people of historical China has become the most mysterious kingdom of Utopia. Western envoys sent to a large amount of historical chinese explorers, these angels fly after which return to their homeland in China, will likely be a advisor as the general subject of Eastern royal hospitality. it was said that the royal female inquired how China's most beautiful attire themselves when a messenger of historical chinese thought has seen a mysterious oriental ritual - the men wearing black clothes, weekdays between the tender and beautiful women are wearing body wearing a long white dress, the way is really fascinating, "I still see the pity." The overseas envoys is not clear that this in fact is a traditional chinese funeral clothes, but he has that on essential occasions Eastern female dressed in white, female dressed in white is beautiful. Thus, the Western imperial adopted suit, the bride appeared wearing a white wedding dresses scene. 1499, Valois dynasty in France, King Louis XII (Louis XII le Pere du Peuple ,1462-1515) and Wang Hou Anni (Anne de Bretagne ,1477-1514) of the wedding, a "wedding" concept - Queen's wedding dresses from the historical chinese used the more high-priced imported white brocade, trimmed with all kinds of pearl inlaid top, silver and precious stones, wedding started out the first of its kind in China.in 1840, the British Queen Victoria (Alexandrina Victoria ,1819-1901) when he got married, put on by the beautiful chinese dressed in brocade attire developed of white, trailing up to 18 feet, and with on the white veil from mind to toe in pure white stunning the audience. before the wedding in the Queen Victoria, the British royal wearing a wedding attire are the crown jewel, accompanied by silver jewellery studded evening dress Empire Prom Dresses , a fur coat Waipi traditional dress. She's the surprise, apart from the stunning, but rapidly became widespread fashion, western wedding the bride wore a white wedding attire has steadily become popular since the customs and traditions. white wedding attire on behalf of interior purity and childlike innocence, and later on evolved into a symbol of virginity.A post-war 1920s, modifications in interpersonal status of women also greatly improved the style of dress, the gradual emergence of a short skirt wedding attire design; in the 1940s because of world War II's sake, the bride's wedding attire into a easy and a lot of mom to their wedding as a family heirloom, to daughter as a dowry.
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