Smart Glasses Beta

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Smart glasses, also known as smart mirror, like a smart phone is the same, independent of the operating system, you can install the software, games and other software services provided by the user, add the schedule to be completed through voice or motion control, map navigation, and friends interactive, shoot photos and videos with friends to start video calls and other functions, and can be achieved through the mobile communication network such a class of glasses wireless network access in general. Google is doing Wearable Computer Project Glass, as we all know. Developers can purchase these devices. Microsoft mobile terminal transformation accelerated the pace again. Microsoft has disclosed a number of similar products Google glasses patents. Google announced product development program designed to facilitate the company future outlook can be tested weird Google glasses in public occasions. Single product design from the current point of view, Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses may include a cross placed on top of a parallel framework of the nose, a wide strip located on the right side of the computer frame, and a transparent display. Overall, the product looks like we will not generally understood traditional optical design.
Glasses are based on the Android operating system is running, it seems you can use Voice Actions, you can visually control. On the wearer will have a line of sight cursor to point to interact with the cursor, check the weather, send a message, do the smart phone can do. In addition to the smart phone features, it can interact with the environment, Augmented Reality. According to a video presentation, Project Glass can provide weather, traffic routes and other information, users can also send a message using the language issue commands such as photographs, it also displays nearby friends. For example, if you see subway outage, glasses will tell the user outage reason, providing alternative routes; if you see your favorite book, you can view book reviews and price; if waiting for a friend, a friend Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses will display position.
Eye phone is a special augmented reality glasses. The spectacle grafting video imaging technology, a large size of the video image corresponds to the projection distance of the user space of four meters. Even in a small environment, but also be able to enjoy large-screen visual enjoyment. In addition to having head-mounted display video glasses feature, the Blue Eye Phone Lancaster technology video glasses on the basis of the introduction of augmented reality technology. Eye Phone smart glasses to cater to a wide range of user needs and design of information exchange. Google glasses equipped with a projection display, a video camera can shoot with the touchpad on the frame. It comes with a microphone and speakers, a variety of sensors, gyroscopes, and a variety of communication modes.
Google executives said in an interview revealed that Google smart glasses beta version will be officially delivered to the developer within a month, this point of view, the test version will soon come out in the near future. Smart Cheap Oakleys glasses will create new consumer electronics market. Smart glasses with Smartphone features also have to meet consumer portability and big screen viewing experience demand killer, as a future alternative and effective supplement smart phones, we think the smart glasses will be following the PC consumer electronics, smart after the phone has a revolutionary product. A Google glass principle is called augmented reality technology, which is characterized by the display device is attached on the environment information. According to the early popularity of speed to market feedback, the 2020 augmented reality will become a new mass media.

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