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Admittedly, Google smart glasses, this is a fairly new model of product innovation, which makes portable electronic products category has opened a new one, but this wind pulled the glasses are suitable for all consumers. Such Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses are ultimately able to get a hit or just a concept, let us listen to the different voices of consumers. For this spectacle, Google respects nature very seriously, the company repeatedly communicated to the public of such a concept; wearable computing will be the future trend. Google co-founder, said pair of glasses changed his activity patterns. He cited an example of his son into the air with both hands repeatedly, Google glasses can take pictures and record this moment. Smart phone or camera simply can not do.
Google product manager, said the goal is to create this spectacle to enhance people social life, not to show off technology. Google Project Glass team leader, said, want people to be able to wear eye and hand technology. Even the printing press and film Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses compared with the history of the invention that this technology will change the world. As the technology matures, we can be liberated. Wearable computers will allow us to get rid of life glued to the screen. We no longer need all the time looking at the equipment; these wearable devices will come back at us. Like insist on a person without glasses like Google glasses of this product, accept it, it must allow the user to accept one kind of re-use habits. Google glasses also face a lot of questions. Before you can start to drive to find a good direction, and even receive voice navigation. But people still like to see their own place to go; no doubt Google glasses can help you do this.
Head of Georgia Institute of Technology Enhanced Environmental Laboratory believe that after wearing this glasses, users can only see a small area in the top of their field of vision information that would lead to information not allow users to become aware of, and increase people machine interaction more difficult, the size of the lens piece is actually very suitable for a small flat visual cueing device. Another critic said that Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount glasses uncontrolled information constantly pop out information that may give users because problems, for example, when people are chatting with friends, will be distracted by the content on the screen. There is also concern that glasses because eye damage, can cause people to change habits with the eyes used, especially for young people eyes grow very big harm brought. Traditional GPS basically be dead, because a lot of people use this service on your phone. As many countries to ban the use of mobile phones while driving, Google glasses would be a good alternative.
Despite the beautiful scenery around, but could not stop to admire a thin. Not prevent the development of technology; making the original ecology of the good is gradually lost. I still prefer simpler, primitive little things. Most people answer is probably no. And if the shape of the Discount Oakley Sunglasses glasses device is a smart phone can be voice-controlled. The answer might be another very different result. Looked up at the sky, glasses will be able to show the prevailing weather conditions; go on the road, the glasses can display maps and automatic navigation; Zhang mouth, you can send and receive text messages and even framing pictures and share them with friends. Google gives these glasses feature so many people stunned. Pair depicts the life of future technology blueprint glasses for most people, is really the future, too much technology, too unbelievable, especially that we can achieve a glance fool functions related operations.

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