Smart Glasses Core Technology

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Focus Clinics founder David said harm smart phones can be traced back. According to the survey data show drama were spent on smart phones has exceeded the time spent on watching TV and computer time, consumers for a long time staring at the small screen a few inches very prone to visual fatigue. After some time watching the Cheap Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Outlet smart phone should be possible to watch the distant landscape, and exposure to sunlight as much as possible, more investigation sunlight can reduce myopia development process. Two people separated by vast oceans, simply put each pair of glasses, you can have a virtual avatar, each able to stand together, face to face communication; too much trouble going to the cinema, it does not matter, just put on a pair of glasses, immediately be able to sit in the theater with large screen.
Smart glasses using augmented reality technology, each pair of glasses is like a small computer that can in real space, the use of computer graphics and visualization technologies to produce virtual objects do not exist in reality and by placing it realistic sensing technology environment, both seamless, integrated. Wear a pair of Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet magic glasses, you can automatically you can not read the English translation as you are familiar with the Chinese; walking the streets, you will get a lot of information on the location of the point. If you're wearing a pair of glasses with foreign friends, everything you see distant friends also can be seen. This brings Israeli experts are semi-finished products and future product style, due to the parts exposed, the full sense of science and technology, but slightly rough, intermediate glasses have a small camera, as well as electronic components. And so the product is made of electronic components will be hidden, looks no different with ordinary glasses.
Software Park, chairman of the valley to the wisdom of Zhang Yi said that Israeli intelligence glasses core mobile technology has completed the development of their products will go to the path of cooperation. From the current R & D to form a mature product, does not require too long a time, hoping the fastest six months, will be able to move the Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount smart glasses available, but the price is not out of reach, according to different functions, probably a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Analysts said the recent Google acquisition of the company frequently associated with Google glasses companies and patents will effectively accelerate the sale process of the product, but also will directly compensate for defective products, improve product competitiveness. From Google recent acquisition of a major twice, the stocks will have so much market attention.
, According to U.S. technology site PC World recently reported that Google has acquired the SR Tech Group U.S. patent portfolio and pending patents, which includes patents, trade-related terms and voice were not disclosed. SR Tech Group said in a statement Monday, the U.S. patent portfolio and patent pending sale to Google. Although the company previously based on Google demo video, Tiffany and Co Outlet glasses through the eyes of various functions will be selected, but for now, the specific implementation or will be controlled by voice, and the acquisition of SR two technologies will directly rich Google glasses on speech recognition technology system. IFLYTEK is the largest provider of intelligent voice technology, speech synthesis in Chinese market, the market share of ownership, the absolute leader in the voice market.

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