Google Glass Unpredictable Prospects

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As a long-awaited product, Google is expected to officially go on sale in the glasses this year, its future prospects how unpredictable, but it is destined to bring to our lives is not small change. Google Glasses that Project Glass. Google Company released this expansion a reality glasses, which has the same features and smart phones, you can control the camera via voice, video calls and identify the direction as well as surfing the Internet, word processing and e-mail information. Weight Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses only a few dozen grams, however, it is still built a miniature camera is also equipped with a head-mounted display system, the data can be projected onto a small screen above the right eye of the user, and the battery can be implanted frames inside. Google glasses can be worn like a smart phone, so users can voice commands, take pictures, send messages, and the implementation of other functions. If the user against Google glasses microphone to say OK, Glass, a menu on the screen that the user appears above the right eye, showing multiple icons let you take pictures and video, use Google Maps or by telephone.
In practice Google glasses, British Virgin Airways is not the first case. Since the birth of Fake Oakleys Gascan Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses, which have been tested in a number of areas, such as police, fire, clinical surgery, remote control home appliances. Developers and even tried to get a working dog to wear glasses to Google better job done. It is worth mentioning that, in the application of firefighting work, about a month ago, Google has released a video in that video, North Carolina, a man named Patrick Jackson firefighters wearing glasses at Google walk through the building on fire, his glasses preloaded Google Map of the building, use the navigation features to help him through the smoke from the fire. Subsequently, he also demonstrates how through voice commands let Google glasses loaded a Ford Explorer SUV crashed car exploded. Admittedly, Google has slowly glasses really close to our lives.
After the announcement of the Google Glass smart glasses upgrade, Google has released the second generation of Google glasses pictures on Google. The first generation of Fake oakleys frogskins sunglasses cheap for sale glasses uses bone conduction technology to provide users play a sound, and new products are added earplugs. In addition, Google also said that the new product will be compatible with new sunglasses and a variety of vision correction glasses. I recall the first time heard this particular electronic device, the first impression is the author of futuristic heavy, perhaps understanding and awareness of this product does not come into contact with most of the real machine friends not much different, because I also lack of practical experience, so the overall impression also said it would only stay in the tide, cool, cool stuff on these three words Bale in American movies before the agent head ever seen, actually have to appear in our real life. No matter how it actually functions, Google glasses are undoubtedly an eye-catching product.
Better yet, Recon Jet can be used as a peripheral, phone calls and text messages to display information, the user will not be necessary to come up every time the phone to view this information. For sports enthusiasts, whether in cycling or playing volleyball, these features are very attractive. In this case, took out the phone relatively trouble. Glass almost failed to complete the financing activities to raise public goals. But the company then turned to obtain the funds needed. Oakley Sunglasses Cheap glasses is designed to display real-time information, to remind the user receives an e-mail message and Face book status updates. It is worth noting that this is a read-only device, so compared with competitors is more pragmatic. Glass up on the site, said, these are read-only. We believe that trying to manage the information will be very complicated. If you want to reply to a message, you still need to come up with the phone as usual.

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