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As the iPhone redefined the mobile phone, iPad tablet computer opens the same era. IWatch is considered likely to be Apple's next disruptive product. But some analysts have pointed out that iWatch does not replace iPhone, more just as a complement and extend other iPhone devices, allowing users to use Apple devices become more convenient. For example, when users do not know where your cell phone, you can by iWatch Sari feature that allows iPhone sound and vibration to allow users to successfully find the Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet phone. People can use voice commands to shoot photos, filming video, online interaction with others. Not provide search results on mobile phones or navigation screen, but will map superimposed to the user's field of vision.
Google officially released the conceptual design of future glasses called Project Glass's. The glasses will set smart phones, GPS, camera in one, in front of the user to show real-time information, just by eye movements can upload pictures, send and receive text messages, check weather roads and other operations. Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale Glasses are essentially within the mini projector and camera and sensor and transport + storage combination control equipment. It can be glasses, smart phones, cameras rolled, the lens through computerized information to smart phone user show in front of the real-time format. In addition, it is life assistant can provide GPS navigation for us, send and receive SMS, photography camera, web browsing and other functions.
It works is very simple, through the glasses of the first mini projector invested on a light reflective screen, and then refracted into the body through the eye piece lens to achieve the so-called level amplification, in the sight of the formation of a large enough virtual screen can display simple text information and various data. So Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses looks like a wearable smart phone can help people take pictures, video, phone, eliminating the pocket and pulled out the phone trouble. Product HMZT1, UDK head movements can provide real-time tracking demonstration using UDK binding external DLL, to obtain position data to just a few lines of script Unreal. UDK is easy to integrate into existing projects. Developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology unrestricted free and open source can be downloaded, API can be obtained through an open source license.
This will be done by talking shoe cooperation Google and creative design agency yes, is part of the Google Art, Copy, Code project aims to use relatively witty language to convey the motion data to the user and share to your friends. Yes and creative design agency Studio collaboration. Accelerator assembly inside it, gyroscopes and other devices connected via Bluetooth with the smart phone, which can monitor the use of the user. Shoe comes with a speaker, the Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer Sunglasses Outlet Sale shoe sensor information received in the form of voice comments play out, these comments or sarcastic or humorous, gives a deep impression, called Google version left a few hands. Limited IOS system developed specifically for accessories, it is a safe, reliable, simple and convenient to wear a headset brainwave sensor. It can be linked via Bluetooth wireless phones, tablet PCs, laptops, desktop computers or smart TVs and other devices. With appropriate application software can achieve interactive power of thought control.

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