Light Polarization Function

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Visible light is a transverse wave, the vibration direction perpendicular to the propagation direction. The vibration direction of the natural light in the plane perpendicular to the propagation direction is arbitrary; polarization for which the vibration direction at a certain moment, are defined in a specific direction. There are too many light sources will produce harmful light, especially sunlight; them to ultraviolet radiation on human skin and eyes, causing serious injury; If prolonged exposure can cause damage to the body, UVB have a serious impact on vision, Tanning Ray of light skin is blackened, most eyes will absorb this UVB light, so be sure to block the light out of this. Because Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet polarized sunglasses with polarized light function, so that all can block out the harmful rays are not affected by visible light, can really achieve eye protection function.
Polarized sunglasses UV protection in addition to the basic functions, but also has an anti-glare, surface reflecting light, light water scales, etc., suitable for driving, fishing, tourism and everyday wear. Polarized sunglasses can block uncomfortable glare while protecting eyes from UV damage. All of this is thanks to the metal powder filters; they can be selected when light strikes. Polarized Fake Oakleys Holbrook Sunglasses Cheap for Sale sunglasses can selectively absorb the sun's rays composed of band portions, because it is by means of a very fine metal powder. Indeed, when the light shine on the lens, based on the so-called destructive interference process, the light is a reduction. That is, when certain wavelengths of light through the lens, i.e., toward the inside direction of the eye lens, they will cancel each other.
Overlapping waves formed not by chance, trough wave crest of a wave with its close together, led to cancel each other. Destructive interference depending on the refractive index of the lens also depends on the thickness of the lens. Little variation thickness the lens and the refractive index of the lens based on differences in chemical composition and different. Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale Polarized sunglasses provide another mechanism to protect the eyes. This differs from the reflected light directly from the sun's light, or any light from artificial sources of the problem lies in the order. Polarized in one direction by the full shock wave formation, and general light is not directed by a shock wave into the open. It's like a group of disorderly people walk around with a group of soldiers marching pace of traveling as stark on through.
Generally speaking, the reflection light is a light orderly. Polarized lenses are particularly effective when blocking this light because it's filtering of the play. These lenses only allow a certain direction shock waves through polarization, like the light sort of the same. For road reflection problems, polarizing Cheap Ray Bans Wayfarer Sunglasses Outlet Sale sunglasses can reduce the light transmittance, and since it is parallel to the road vibration let the light through. Indeed, the molecular filtration layer is oriented in the horizontal direction length; the line can be absorbed horizontally polarized. Thus, most of the reflected light was eliminated, while the ambient illumination is not decreased. Polaroid so made according to the principle of light polarization, with a special function effectively eliminate glare, light filtering disorganized, so motorists improved vision, adding to driving pleasure.
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