Stock up enough resources for training ahead

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A new around of Double XP weekend will be available from 12:00 UTC on the 26th February. This is a great time of year to commit to an entire weekend of playing RuneScape. Are you ready to make the most of the Double XP weekend? Too early to prepare for the Double XP weekend? Definitely, the answer is no. It is wise for you to make preparation early just in case the prices will skyrocket when double XP is approaching. If you need RS gold to gather necessary resources, you can consider buying RS3 gold on 4rsgold. Here are our tips on how to prepare for Double XP Weekend.

Decide what to train during Double XP weekendbuy cheapest RS gold for double xp weekend
When it comes to double XP, you will have to make a hard decision on which skill to train. In general, high level players should avoid gathering skills (woodcutting, mining, fishing, etc.) on double XP weekend. Instead, they can do buyables or Agility / Dungeoneering / Thieving (nonbuyable annoyances). This is because the rule that you spend 1hr per normal 2hrs training a skill, while in buyables you spend 1hr per normal 2 hrs but save you some money.

For lower level players, it can be a wise idea to achieve a balanced approach on your skills until everything is 50/60+. Up until that point it's absurdly easy to level all skills and it'll cover most quest requirements as well. Once you're done with that, focus on money making skills as you're just starting out, such as Fishing, Combat, Slayer, Smithing, Crafting, Construction.

Stock up enough resources for training ahead
Every time double XP is approaching, a lot of players stock up resources which lead to prices skyrocket. So it is wise for you to gather necessary items or resources for your training ahead in order to avoid resource price rising. For instance, you should use the best axe or pickaxe available to you for Woodcutting training or gather plenty of green dragon hide for crafting training! You can gather what you want by doing tasks in game, alternatively, you can buy RS gold cheap on 4rsgold to get necessary resources.

In order to ensure you can make the most of the Double XP weekend, you should prepare early and gather best gears available to you! There is no need to worry about lacking of Runescape 3 gold since you can always buy Runescape 3 gold cheap on 4rsgold. The up to 10% free bonus activity now is available on 4rsgold, just take your time to buy cheapest RS gold on 4rsgold.

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