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I wouldn't say that's wrong, however, his teamfight presence is really good. When the game drags out, teamfights are whats left, well, that and grabbing Dragon/Baron.


You shouldn't be initiating, but rather picking off the squishier targets and those out of position. You don't need to aim for getting kills, instead, aim for using his ridiculous damage to poke every enemy to the point where entering a teamfight would eradicate them.


Don't go splitpushing, help your team put pressure on the enemies. Already the enemy midlaner shuld be weak from the inevitable shitty early game they got because you played Zed against them. Play the teamfights like a squishy ADC who relies on abilities and your enemies will fall quickly.


Also, his ultimate is an excellent tool for avoiding danger for a few seconds. On top of that, with his shadows and flash included, his mobility will make him hard to hit with damaging abilities.


Practice makes perfect. Keep trying and in no time you'll be having amazing teamfights.


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