Runescape Evolution of Combat Equipment

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Weapons give bonuses to Accuracy and Damage (damage dealt) to their respective classes. Each player now derives their offensive potential almost entirely from their equipped weapon(s). This solved a balancing issue that had previously existed for years in which melee users could wear any set of armour and still be offensively effective, but rangers and mages had to wear their classes' respective armours. is a professional runescape old school gold seller offering cheap RS Gold. We only provide you with the best service.OGPAL offers the most exclusive pricing and the fastest delivery service available for Runescape players!
Weapon speeds were refined, reducing the range of available speeds. While some melee weapons may have had multiple attack styles, such as a longsword having stab and slash attacks, all weapons now have only one attack style. As a result, longswords and swords now give the same bonuses, and the only difference is their attack style. Attacking and defending bonuses are shown in the equipment screen in the form of percentages.
All weapons of the same equipment tier (for example, all rune weapons) have had their stats adjusted in order to have roughly the same damage per second (DPS) value. Slower weapons such as rune spears and rune battleaxes are, theoretically, as effective in combat as faster weapons like rune scimitars and rune daggers. This theoretically rendered the concept of different weapons useless, but in practice it was found that using the attack style that a monster is weak to is needed for maximum efficiency.
 Two-handed weapons have a 50% higher DPS than one-handed weapons of the same tier in order to compensate for the lack of an off-hand item.[19]Additionally, two-handed crossbows were released to give Ranged an equivalent to the various melee two-handed weapons. Magic staves were all made two-handed, with slower casting speeds, but providing a significant damage increase in return. Players often try to balance their armour by using combinations, eg. batwing torso, rune full helm, blue dragonhide chaps, batwing boots, blue dragonhide vambraces, rune kiteshield and a rune weapon. This will balance out protection for each type of combat profession and free the player of a weakness, but will result in decreasing attacking offence against other players and monsters.

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