Google Glasses Bring Convenience

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For language learners, Google glasses will bring great convenience; it can provide real-time, text-based translation, so that you understand each other saying. One day, Google glasses will be able to help police identify known criminals. The feasibility of this idea is quite high, because Google already has facial recognition software. A company called Golden has been developed for the law enforcement apparatus similar to wearing a headset, it has facial recognition feature, you can instantly scan license plates, the victim vital signs monitor, and you can also remotely control other devices. Google has said it does not intend to advertise on Cheap Tiffany and Co Necklace Jewelry Outlet glasses, but Google glasses may completely change the way we interact with brands and companies the way. When you go on the road, or when was drinking a cup of coffee might have a coupon pop-up is displayed in front of you.
Therefore, we will do, we will go, we will buy anything, and it is crystal clear. Imagine this scenario, When you walk into a shop, an advertisement appeared in front of you, to show you your favorite brand new. Glasses on Google ads are highly personal ads, so advertisers who will use it in every possible way. According to foreign media reports, Google smart glasses is a very cutting edge of technology, its pioneering and even Apple are far behind. Wearing such Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet smart glasses once inside can only be a science fiction movie scene, but now it is about to become a reality. However, it also caused a lot of questions; most of it may touch user privacy concerns.
Google uses a smart glasses eye-tracking system to help users browse screen, control or even unlock the device. Eye-tracking technology development for many years has also been tested many times. Today, we worry about is, you just wearing Cheap Oakleys Radar Sunglasses Discount glasses, it will be able to track your eye tracking to infer your preferences. It will know your preferences and even favorite girl type, and finally show a specific ad content to you. On the other hand, Google can track eye movement based on this to create a map on your preferences, for Google, this will be a big leap. Smart glasses may not even know you do not know something. For example, through your camera, Google may know you are bored, and then react accordingly. If you really to this point, certainly no one can endure. People do not want to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a pair of eyeglasses, and then let it snap to himself inadvertently reveals the brain from the eye in ad targeting data.
People worry that has been turned on glasses will continue to disclose your location information, and then display the appropriate ad content. For example, when you go near a cafe, it will pop up for you to the brand promotional advertising. Such mobile advertising has already appeared many people have expressed excruciating, if the glasses display ads on the user is even more unlikely to be welcomed. Google ads will appear in your peripheral vision, so this advertising model will be the same as the mobile advertising network, due to the smaller screen limitations, its development model, will also be restricted. Although the headset Discount Oakley Sunglasses smart glasses may be more than you know your mobile phone, but do not understand the degree of a lot more. Today, Google has been collecting user data, and then to make money through advertising positioning, even on your political leanings News search results for your content.

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