Google Glass Developers Policy

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Shooting glasses using Google voice or require operator action commands, voice commands Bathgate glasses, take a photo, or to glasses, recorded video segment, action command is pressing the button on top of Tiffany and Co Key Necklace Jewelry Outlet eyeglass frames. Overall, regardless of what action to take, the display will light-emitting state, clearly inform the work of the state surrounding the user of the device. Whether we are talking about mobile phones, tablets, or is wearable devices, in some cases it is not suitable for use. For example, the cinema is not allowed to call in the viewing audience; the casino does not allow customers to use mobile phones to shoot the scene. We very much hope that the use of such glasses etiquette Google wearable device can develop quickly.
Google glasses can not recognize faces; we do not intend to add this feature. Our developers clearly defined terms of service developer shall submit facial recognition or voice print related applications. Users are Google glasses control of them. Google glasses allow you the freedom to pick the application, includes not only Google applications, including software applications provided by third-party developers. When you add the Google Glasses application, you will see the device-level permissions the application needs to obtain. If you need to share permissions are not satisfied, you can cancel the installation. We take security very seriously, we have developed a simple but powerful protection for Google glasses users. If Google glasses is lost or stolen, you can log in with a Google account My Glass Home, started remotely wipe all data stored on the Google glasses. You can also selectively turn off your device from the page of Google glasses applications.
We do not do any predictions, but we Fake Oakleys Frogskins Sunglasses Cheap for Sale glasses Explorers project is indeed a goal that is to Google glasses into the hands of those who distribute it to develop cool applications. Every staff member in mind Google Glasses team has a different dream Glassware, but we are most excited about are those that help people with disabilities. For a new computing platform, developers are always something of a surprise to create new things, this is beyond our expectations. We insist that you want to develop applications for the Google glasses; you need to have the equipment to play and really understand it. After all, the device has its own unique style glasses and a new experience. Here you can see our developer policies. Developer policies will change over time. Times are a good, strong development of policies necessary.
We made it clear in the mirror API Terms of Service or embedded developers can not provide advertisements API client. This unofficial application is called wearable computing encounter when electric cars, glasses can help Google users to control a variety of functions Tesla vehicles. Start or stop charging through Cheap Oakleys glasses. Users can even open the charging port, without the need to go to the rear of the car. Positioning Mode on the map and get navigation information. Users can even see the lights flash to sound the horn or make the case less than a car to find the car. This is in particular useful labyrinthine underground parking. See automotive internal and external temperature. One click, users can start the automatic air conditioning, remote control, cooling or warming. Kate is still developing this application is voice control, and charge completion notification and real-time vehicle tracking and other functions.

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