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rating in the United States professional running shoes company logo, this year new ultra-low weight athletic shoes Kinvara 3, jogging in the United States sell to obtain a good evaluation and rush between friends, can be said to become the Saucony into an important motorola milestone mobiel phone in fierce competition belonging to the battlefield, lightweight running shoes may perhaps well run the friends from Kinvara Couple of integrate many new concept adornment to see the professional volume of Saucony on running shoes design, is definitely the core value of brand, don't forget, is absolutely need through the player through and through strict evaluation, is really telling the world the person the most understanding of the top quality company of runners. Kinvara Three or more on the Upper body (Upper) practicing organic whole Flexfilm super understanding three-dimensional elastic telescopic film material, not really just provides a more flexible and cozy of the sex, at the same time may perhaps perhaps also through the new way of marketing technology to achieve the purpose of more realistic lightweight, tested runners in their measured Kinvara 3 shoes, expressed Kinvara 3 had enough place in the front feet can easily establish toe activities, will not develop a running forward motion anterior feet have unstable case, Another is the focus of the lightweight, Kinvara 3 USES the noticeably thin EVA outsole, set out before the design of the foot is low leader, create a low Angle system, landing RUNiROUND shoes laboratory publishers believe this design allow for more runners into the achilles tendon, and do not like flat without athletic shoes shoes in the long run because they have not any heel cushioning protection on to runners muscle fatigue, this Kinvara 3 Angle in a short space to create the conform to each advanced runner to crisis the practical demand of long-distance run, plus because of the overall design invention, let the Kinvara 3 measured surplus fat only 228 grams (US10), so it is obvious that the Kinvara 3 lightweight start money is really very vital. chaussures timberland Lightweight shoes tend to have yourself the buffer function of usually the weak tendency, so much is scheduled to have certain experience of refined running friend just for pumps, however Kinvara 3 measurement looking for runner said the down buffering effect cannot vary suspension type of running shoes, while because of the ankle area on the shoe HYDRAMAX prominent pad project, effectively solve the rarity problem of lightweight sneakers is often coated sex, give the runner of the foot also running shoes can be more sits firmly, but also because of this coating permanence and certain buffer affect, let the runner in the face of an downhill or run forward at a faster pace, can appear relatively solid sense of security. Tested users during run time full, said the design of the front your feet and followed by a low top of the head, can let the runner can potentially when running in full when in front of landing, reduce the gap during helps to increase the stability from landing, the Kinvara 3 pay soles before proper area at the same time, after runner throughout large Angle sections carry out, said Kinvara 3 during migration, prescribing control is better, can make shut friends and ran in the face of varying pavement can move more rapidly and stably. Tie-in slightly horrible sections of the actual test, Kinvara Or higher also runners can provide dependable and safe landing, totally sometimes challenge suburbs is also uneven road runners, Kinvara A few can also be a good choice. Kinvara 3, mind not for wide over here special classification, but the subject matters for runners said lower limbs wide runners, Kinvara 3 together with large-area Toe space (Toe Case) do not let the toes tightly fitted oppression unwell feeling, concurrently in the long run, will not lead to jostled and jerked around sliding Toe to Toe extrusion encouraged pain, Toe design, space design and stability on your long-distance runners in the long run common bottom swelling discomfort problems may possibly get effective relief. Participants athletes can feel when PU runway test Kinvara3 resilience is not recognizable, and more down-to-earth way feeling; Never the less, switch to the asphalt saint feeling when running investigate clear, resilience is more obvious, in the face of the uphill vehicle running forward can feel likely grip, yet this holder will not result in a sense there is always behindhand, hard in the face of concrete trail can also provide the appropriate buffer consequence. Integrated the Saucony Kinvara 3 of the evaluated results, give the feeling of scampering friend is quite approachable, is really pair of easy of don't require time to get used to running shoes, in conjunction with its light weight and no cost of acceleration, created by those who workout can match Kinvara 3 for a way to run the game in the face of usually the decisive key or insurance plan record in personal, not to mention Kinvara 3 together will be very very competitive, plus Kinvara 3 overall reduce, is a pair from too soon introduction to professional making sneakers money of runners can be applied. 

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