Tips For Caring For Long Hair

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I have noticed that as women get older, they tend to want their hair shorter. Well, I have a few friends in their early twenties that have very long hair. When I say very long hair, I mean hair that falls almost to their hips if not longer. Well, perhaps you are thinking about growing your hair out and need a few tips on how to care for long hair. If not for you, than perhaps you have a young daughter that needs help caring for her hair. As a girl, I loved my long hair and my mother would help me care for it. Well, here are a few basic tips that will get any person caring for their long hair with ease.

One thing about having long hair is that it requires more shampoo and conditioner. I find that applying shampoo to hair is not enough for long hair, as sometimes simply just applying shampoo and rinsing leaves hair a little hard and unmanageable. Applying conditioner to hair after the shampoo process helps a great deal with managing long hair because it relaxes the hair so that it becomes less tangled and more manageable. The tips of your hair need more conditioning than the roots, so it is best to start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up to the roots as well as your scalp.

Sometimes shampoo and conditioner may not be enough to relax the hair in order to comb or brush it out. If this is the case, hair products such as detanglers will greatly assist you in detangling hair so that it becomes easier to brush out. This may not be that big of a thing for older children or adult women, but little children sometimes tangled hair can become very burdensome for them. In this case, detangler products will help a great deal for little girls, and getting them to brush their hair on their own.


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